ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST 5.6 - "What is your message to the world?"

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Welcome to the ecoTrain Question Of The Week Tie Up Post!The week flew by... and im happy to have read some beautiful posts from you. I will begin this week by sharing a few quotes from your posts. This week your responses were so very diverse, deep, and of course as always heartfelt!

We must feed the energy of Love, be empathetic, we must give and receive Love, we must talk about Love, let it be the loudest cry of our lives because Love is the one that saves us.

Let's Do Our Part in Saving Mother Earth for Generations to Come

Teach Our Children Not to Pollute Bodies of Water

Teach Our Children to Recycle

Be Mindful

Educating saves lives

we need new paradigms that understand the awakening of an ethical and ecological conscience in function of life and therefore of the common good with a systemic perspective based on love, "as the supreme energy that can and mobilizes everything".

To take the time to reconnect with yourself! We are being bombarded with so much information, with so many, not knowing what to believe.

Imagine a world where women are aware of the sacredness they hold.


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To say that we are aware of the message we are trying to leave to the world with our passage through life seems a bit presumptuous, but if we could try to reflect on what we are doing with our lives that leave a mark, that shows a coherent line between conscious thoughts and actions.

However, most people are not clear that their life is their message and that more than being carried away by the river of life, the most important thing is to penetrate into the center of our being to illuminate the dark corners, to know and recognize ourselves as integral beings seeking to project and expand our energy, which is the divinity that inhabits us.

If we become aware that whether we want to or not, our beliefs, our gifts, and talents, our way of conducting ourselves and developing as people, our daily tasks, our way of relating, our thoughts and actions to carry them out; speak loudly of us and constitute a legacy that can be modest or grandiose, according to the vision and interests of each one of us.

It is significant that @ecotrain induces us to make an examination of conscience around that which shouts who we are, even if we do not have a good voice. Every opportunity to internalize in order to give feedback is propitious and should be welcomed, because knowing who we are, what we are doing to achieve our dreams and life purposes, how we are pleasing ourselves so as not to go crazy with so much control over us by the complex and entangled society. That's why this week's QOTW of the week sounds good.


Greetings ecoTrain!

At this point in time, we already know that global warming is a threat to our existence. We already know that if mother Earth dies we all die. We already know that at this point in time Earth is the only "complete" habitable planet on the solar system. Yes, there is an effort to have human colonies on Mars, but Mars lacks the resources that Earth can give us.

There are studies that Earth's temperature will become too hot making it inhabitable for us humans. We don't that to happen right?

Luckily there is already effort all over the world to tackle climate change. But they will not succeed on their own we must do our share so that their vision will become a reality. There are lots of non-profit organizations out there that tackle global warming, join them. If you can't join them you can use your online platform to promote your global warming advocacy.

We may not be able to stop global warming but we can delay it. But, if we can delay it there's a hope that we can stop global warming altogether


Good day!

Every day people can be seen updating something on their social media accounts. Parents and children alike are collaborating on something on their respective social media platforms. If you notice there is a scarcity of parents educating their young ones on how to protect nature.

Essentially, nature is a giver of life. We, humans, depend on nature for our food, shelter, and clothing. With that said, it is only fitting to educate our young ones to protect nature so that they will pass it on to generations to come.

Nature as the Giver of Life

When humans first walked the Earth, nature sustained them. When humans developed technological advancement they turned to nature to build their technology.

Nature has all that we need, food, clothing, shelter. But are we giving back to nature? Are we doing what we are supposed to do? I think we are not doing enough.

I think it is time to educate our children to protect nature so that they will pass it to generations to come.


Millions of people living in this world and with that we can see that so many realities exist in this world. Every single person lives in a world of their own, and that is where we may not be able to resonate with everyone around us because each one has a world of their own which may be so different then our own world that it may not comprehend. In simple terms we can also say we are all living an experience as per our own energetic vibration. So with that there is nothing right and wrong besides some of the basic principles of life. What may be right for someone may just not be right for me, because my frequency is completely different then others. So in such a case what could be that one message that would be relevant for every single human being on this planet.

Well to think of it there are many, like spread Love, Peace, Be Compassionate, Self Nurture, and so on but distinctively the one message that I would like to share is "Be Mindful", No matter at whatever frequency you are, or whatever experience you are living in your life, but just being mindful will open up a plethora of possibilities to make this world a better place for everyone to live in peace and harmony.


Greetings to all who read me on @ecotrain, this week's question is undoubtedly very important because the world is becoming increasingly deaf and we need to open our ears to what the people are shouting..
Here are six of those shouts

Come closer, do not move away

We live immersed in a technological world that has brought us closer to many people in the world but has also distanced those around us, we must be equanimous and empathetic with those around us and give them the love they deserve..

The best medicine

If you allow yourself to be carried away by the messages of leaders who drag citizens towards a convenient peace or a necessary war, reflect on the fact that they do not take your place or accompany you, that while you carry out the order they enjoy your pain and that of your adversaries. Embrace peace as medicine for pains and anguish.


Hola amigos de @ecoTrain me siento muy contenta integrada a la pregunta de esta semana ¿Cuál es su mensaje para el Mundo? . En mi vida no recuerdo haber manifestado abiertamente mi sentir al mundo, ciertamente lo he tenido presenta agradeciendo todas las bondades que me ha ofrecido, asumo esto de darle un mensaje como si fuera una persona y me parece un hermoso gesto de amor, pues esta pregunta me da la oportunidad de expresar pensamientos y sentimientos sobre este lugar en el que me reconozco como parte de él y al que dichosamente le manifiesto mi afecto.

Hello friends of @ecoTrain I feel very happy to integrate this week's question, what is your message to the world? In my life I don't remember having openly expressed my feelings to the world, I have certainly had it present thanking it for all the kindness it has offered me, I assume this to give it a message as if it were a person and it seems to me a beautiful gesture of love, because this question gives me the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings about this place in which I recognize myself as part of it and to which I happily manifest my affection.


The last few days, I have been feeling the weight of my circumstances. The reality that I need to move, that I need to find some where new to call home and that I need to keep my strength up for my girls. These are unprecedented times that we are living in, where so much is being taken away from us. Where we need to find a way in which to rise above it all and create the world we want to live in

I can feel the pressure weighting heavily on me and because if that I ended up feeling quite poorly the last few days. My body, calling on me to take a break and rest, to step down and this time I listened.

That is what I would like to say to the world, to listen to yourself.

To take the time to reconnect with yourself! We are being bombarded with so much information, with so many, not knowing what to believe.

Yet I believe, that when we are connected to our intuition, then we know what is truth. We don't need textbooks to back us up, we just know, because it rings true. That is what it means to connect with our inner power. To really trust oneself.

But this is not something we are encouraged to do, growing up we are conditioned to listen to others,that to be truly educated, is to know how to research and back up all of our findings.


Until a couple of decades ago, the feminine species had been systematically wired to shame each other, betray one another and more often than not, walk over her sister's corpse to claim what she wanted.
Somehow also you'd think there was a silent rule that had been engraved deeply across generations and still left some crumbles here and there today, which was something along the lines of : the more drama, the better.

In my personal life I have only in the past couple of years genuinely discovered the power of the unity of women; the infinite magic that can be born when we hold safe space for each other devout of judgement, vice or condescendence.
Over the past years, I have healed, grown and literally blossomed thanks to the sisters that I kept around me. There was no fuss, shame nor fear anymore while talking and sharing about important subjects like our emotions, our visions, our scars, our deep desires, our health and anything concerning our bodies.




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