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Welcome one and all to the event of the Summer! For many months I have been considering a breakout contest where I could expand my circle of followers and my connections here upon the blockchain. I started with the Pander to Me! contest and even a secret contest rewarding the best commenters.

I want to connect with you all as I continue to open my soul onto the Steem Blockchain!

¡Bienvenidos todos y cada uno al evento del verano! Durante muchos meses he estado considerando un explosivo concurso donde podría expandir mi círculo de seguidores y mis conexiones aquí en este blockchain. Empecé con el concurso de Pander to Me!) e incluso un concurso secreto premiando a los mejores comentaristas.

¡Quiero conectarme con todos ustedes mientras continúo abriendo mi alma en Steem Blockchain!

Reach for your Goals!.jpg
Reach for your Dreams on Steem!

Since the last contest, I have selected the six best comments, comments that made me laugh, smile and think, and have rewarded them with a share in Steem Basic Income, currently one of my favorite upvote projects on the platform.

Desde el último concurso, he seleccionado los seis mejores comentarios, comentarios que me hicieron reír, sonreír y/o pensar, y los he recompensado con una acción en Steem Basic Income, actualmente uno de mis proyectos preferidos en la plataforma.

Here's a screen shot of that:

Miramos un pantallazo de eso:

Proof of comment-enrollment.png
If you want to enroll in SBI, make sure you inclued the @ symbol with your nominees in the memo

Keep participating with me by commenting on my articles, and I will continue to award the best comments with upvotes for life from @steembasicincome!

Sigue participando conmigo, comentando mis artículos, y continuaré premiando los mejores comentarios con votaciones por vida de @steembasicincome.

Alex and Ledis divder.png

What is Steem Basic Income?

From their site:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

I was lucky enough to find @steembasicincome in it's early stages, and loved it's format that requires nominating others in order to get votes yourself. I believe that this mechanism does a lot to prevent much of the 'self-voting' tendencies seen on the rest of the platform.


Steem Basic Income es un experimento social para aportar un ingreso básico a tantos Steemianos como sea posible. Los miembros se unen patrocinando a otros en el programa. Steem Basic Income se entrega mediante la provisión regular de votos al contenido de los miembros.

Yo tuve la suerte de encontrar @steembasicincome en su primera etapa, y me encantó su formato que requiere nominar a otros para poder obtener los votos uno mismo. Creo que este mecanismo hace mucho para evitar tantas de las tendencias de 'autovotación' vistas en el resto de la plataforma.

Alex and Ledis divder.png

Let's get to the contest already!

I have selected three amazing situations where animals on our farm seem to be making human-like faces. Your job is to make me laugh using these images. Add a caption, make it a meme, or even make your very own piece of art!

There are no requirements except to add your entry as a comment. Participants may enter as many times as they want.

Let's take a look at the pics!

He seleccionado tres situaciones sorprendentes en que los animales de nuestra finca parecen estar haciendo caras humanas. Tu trabajo es hacerme reír usando estas imágenes. ¡Escribe en el foto, hazlo un meme o incluso crea tu propia obra de arte!

No hay requisitos, solo agregue su entrada como comentario. Los participantes pueden ingresar cuantas veces quieran.

¡Miramos a las fotos!


Check out this chivalrous rooster standing in a box!

¡Mira este gallardo gallo parado en una caja!

Alex and Ledis divder.png


What would two sheep say while eating grass all day?

¿Qué dirían dos ovejas mientras comían hierba todo el día?

Alex and Ledis divder.png


Cheeky dogs probably would say something funny if they could talk!

¡Los perros descarados dirían algo gracioso si pudieran hablar!

Alex and Ledis divder.png

With three great options here I hope to see lots of entries over the next week. Now let's talk about prizes:


I have committed 50 steem to Steem Basic Income shares as prizes. The distribution is as follows.

7 SBI - Grand Prize Winner in each category (Rooster, Sheep and Dogs)
3 SBI - Runners up in each category
20 SBI - Wildcard Prizes, great comments, memorable efforts


7 SBI - Ganador del Gran Premio en cada categoría (Gallo, Ovejos y Perros)
3 SBI - Subcampeones en cada categoría
20 SBI - Premios Wildcard, excelentes comentarios, esfuerzos memorables

I can't wait to see some great farm humor from you guys! See you in the comments!

Anhelo ver el gran humor de granja de todos ustedes! ¡Nos vemos en los comentarios!

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Well done, great post
Thanks for sharing your words with us, I liked it..


Oh! no había pensado en esta forma de escribir un post en dos idiomas! jajaja que interesante las cosas que uno tiene a la vista y no nos damos cuenta.

¡Y me parece que esta funcionando! ¡Estoy comunicando con dos audiencias al mismo tiempo! Bendiciones ;p

Hello @ecoinstant. Could you recommend some sites where I can use to generate memes. I wanna participate but I am more on the technologically challenged side.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes! I can recommend imgflip in a browser and I can also recommend MS Paint, which comes with most versions of windows on a computer.

Please chime in all meme makers! What tools do you use?! is also a good option, where you can make gif memes out of videos as well.

Thanks for organising this. My 1st entry
boxing day.jpg

concurso 1.jpg

concurso 2.jpg

¡Noooo! ¡La CHANCLA!

jajajaja genial.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hola @ecoinstant encantada de saludarte.
Me encantó tu propuesta y quise participar con la fusión de las tres imágenes que presentaste.
Espero la disfruten.
Reciban un gran abrazo!

Hello @ecoinstant delighted to say hello to you.
I loved your proposal and wanted to participate with the fusion of the three images you presented.
I hope you enjoy it.
Receive a big hug!

La Granja Concurso.jpg

¡Severo trabajo! ¡Quedo impresionado con su manipulación!

Gracias por la oportunidad @ecoinstant
Abrazos y éxitos!

Thank you for the opportunity @ecoinstant
Hugs and successes!


The reason that the grass is greener is because the slope is steeper.


hello, holita by here I leave my entrance to the contest







i like this mate, i'm on it.
I will come up with something great

Make it great!

i will, thanks for the challenge, have a great day

What a cute idea for a contest! So nice that you shared this in PYPT yesterday! 😊


So Punny!

Hey Chick! Want a ride on my Rooster Mobile

rooster mobile.jpg

It said the room was breezy and cool


The Grass is greener without sheep


I have been in worse AirBNBs LOL ;p


ZomboMeme 14062018022655.jpg

Thank you @ecoinstant for this amusing contest 😄 and @Dreemsteem, thanks for bringing it to my attention! I had fun making the memes!
This is my entery:




Third entrydogs.jpg


Hola amigo @ecoinstant, me parece genial y divertido este concurso, sin duda nos hara volar la mente, hice un meme con la fotografia del gallo, me hizo recordar a unos amigos que conozco jejejeje


¡La sociedad moderna!

  ·  last year (edited)

Greetings this is my participation


bad news.jpg

"he was disappointed to realize this is what she meant when she told him to stick the cock in the box"-. RoosterHen.jpg

  ·  last year (edited)

Mis entradas, espero que les divierta!



YEAH! Great entry! This wins the QUICK DRAW for the first eligible entry!

YAY! 😁

Hopefully this isn't offensive but it's the first thing that came to mind

ZomboMeme 14062018001025.jpg

Bwahahahahah My humor is raunchy and so this is great in my book!

Rooster to the hen: "Get the cluck out".

I will accept it, but it stacks up much better if you do your doodle! Make a meme! Draw in Paint! Feel the Freedom!



Hace tanto tiempo!
Hermoso concurso @ecoinstant

Si!! Me hace recordar que queria aceptar respuestas en español tambien....voy a agregarlo!

oh, buenísimo, compartido!
Es un éxito total, mira cuantas entradas tienes tan rápido. Hurra!


This is too true! I have trouble keeping some of these steep slopes clean - until I met the specialists!



Rooster Snuggles!

sorry my master does not understand your point

  ·  last year (edited)

Just joking with you! I thought the idea of a Rooster snuggling to find warmth was cute!

maybe the chick was hiding under his mother


If you include a soundcloud file I will guarentee you win something ;p



hahahahha nice one

Thank you!

The Rooster of Steemit!




great initiative @ecoinstant .. lovely to see you encouraging people so generously to engage and spread awareness on homesteading.. Best of luck with this!

Thank you Alex! Its a bit of an experiment on the trending page as well, but I have gotten a lot of new user participants and I think a fun contest (and SBI shares) are a great way for new users to feel welcome and get involved!

The blonde one, in particular, knows the power of a good puppy face.

You got a 48.01% upvote from @upme thanks to @ecoinstant! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).


Girl are wonderful being they where made just for us.i mean menZomboMeme 14062018141630.jpg

We are great people we should learn whats positive and impact in our society Rather than corrupting it.our children will grow on this same Planet while not make it a better place to live, grow and produce offspring, impact knowledge and die thank youZomboMeme 14062018143827.jpg

Second entry

Some male sheep prefer other males. Some females prefer other females. Love is is valid that some sheep are gay. ZomboMeme 14062018151645.jpg

What a come-back!





@ecoinstant I really think thought i was going for gold with those hahaha

Here its my entry

Very topical!

That's a really great contest and made my day the images. Classy photography. I will also participate in this photo contest. Really impressive work. Keep up.

Can't wait to see your entry! I have been laughing all week at some of the great jokes :)

Chicken: Yo dude! Are you lost? I better not find any of ma babies missing or u are toast!!!
Rooster: damn! i gotta lay off dem fermented corn men, i keep waking up in strange places

Ma babies!

Wow , This's nice , you're upvoting the best commenter.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes, I try to engage with those who engage with me, and I try to reward further those that surpass my expectations, teach me something new or otherwise edutain me.

hello hahaha here my participation .... greetingsPresentación1.jpg


Crypto Rooster!



Lot's of people are surprised that we have no TV, I didn't know the dogs felt that way too ;p

I’m going to report you to the ASPCA 😂😂😂

concurso 3.jpg

Greetings this is my participation

I love racial harmony!

  ·  last year (edited)

Greetings this is my participation

A big day ahead!

Thanks for this contest. This is my entry

Gallant! You and your cartoon remind me of Gallant from the Goofus and Gallant Cartoon!

Wow, I don't really know the cartoon but am glad it reminds you of something.



Congratulations!! your post is very informative!! I have upvoted your post and do read my post below,

Up vote if you like it. Looking forward to hearing more from you. cheers!!

Rooster Chat:

Working issues:

This life of dogs:

Wish you enjoy this, i am from Venezuela and we are suffering from a severe, dramatic and serious economic situation.

Having sbi is a great help for any Venezuelan, if you run into someone do not hesitate to help him.
Thank you.

PS:I decided to participate although the contest was over, just to give YOU a smile.

why refuse.jpg

Personally I would never go to KFH ;p


half the day.jpg



fun and funny

hahahahha anything raunchy gets my vote!

  ·  last year (edited)

I've seen that video! I like this version better ;p

My first entry

2nd entry - from my own experience


I can see it in their eyes!

My 2nd entry
Blind dog.jpg

Saludos acepto el reto, prepara ese estomago para estallar de risa,un placer de participar, gracias.

¡Si! ¡Estoy completamente estallado con este concurso!

My first entry

She seems intrigued!

Hehehe she just doesn't trust the rooster

ZomboMeme 14062018135707.jpg

This joke goes over my head!

  ·  last year (edited)

Dogs 2nd entry

  ·  last year (edited)

Sheep entry 1



Woman are precious and they should be respected.treat her like a queen and she will make up a king(game of thrones). ZomboMeme 14062018140555.jpg



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my entries for the meme’s contest. Thank you!!
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second entry

third entry

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