Knowing Synchronicity - A eureka moment awaits ...

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The physical world is governed by cause and effect. We understand that things happen in response to an action. Astronomers can understand and even predict our lives and emotions by looking at the influences of the moon and planets on us. The universe exists in perfect synchronicity. The spinning of the planets around the stars, the creation of life, and the never ending fractal like complexity of everything. The funny thing about fractals is that its hard to say quite where the beginning is, or which part is influencing the complex and beautiful patterns that emerge. Each part is a mirror of another part, in a different stage of expression. All are the same, but different, and you can not say what is the cause and what is the effect. Everything is the cause and everything is the effect. Even nothingness is in balance and synchronicity with everything else, as even nothingness takes up space!

As we ascend to this knowing we can understand the world in a different way, and a very magical way. There have been some special times when I have experienced intense and ongoing synchronistic events, and I have been given a glimpse into the total perfection that everything is. We know about the butterfly effect, where even the smallest thing can change everything!.. and yet this universe runs in perfect synchronicity from the smallest details to the greatest events. Asteroids fly past us with split second timing, cars speed past each other in narrow lanes, that person you were thinking of just called, a flock of 1000 starlings fly in perfect harmony.. it is all happening with perfection.

Would you like to have a eureka moment? Whilst synchronicity is always there, it is not always visible. A eureka moment will happen we you suddenly see it, and how it has been there all along. When we start to shift our awareness from a state of separateness and isolation to a unified synchronistic grid, the world suddenly feels like a better place. When we learn to feel synchonicity and hear her voice, we can follow it in each and every moment. When we reach that state of awareness, and know instinctively what to do and where to be, we can release our mental thinking and fully experience each moment as a miracle of never ending divine timing!

If you really understand this, you will understand WHY Tarot cards, and other forms of divination such as runes and I Ching coins are based on this univeral synchronicity. You can find synchnocitity everywhere, in the smallest and the largest things. If you learn how to work with it, you can indeed read someones future!

Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at just this moment. There are no coincidences in the universe, only convergences of Will, Intent, and Experience.

Does the sea move the wind, or the wind the sea?

When we notice synchronicity happening, for example, you see the same person three times in one day and they catch your eye each time, then it may be time to act! Do you keep looking at the clock and seeing 11:11 or 22:22? Having awareness of these signposts can help to guide us though life so that we can find ourselves 'riding the wave' effortlessly, instead of working hard against the tide. SO keep an eye out for the little messages that life is bringing you and then act on them and see what happens. The great miracle of synchronicity is waiting to reveal herself to you, all you have to do is look and listen.

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