ecoTrain Mission Statement: Create An Off-Grid Community Based on the Gift Economy!

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People often ask me what the ecoTrain is about, and i often reply... "we are here to help make this world a better place!" Whilst this does include supporting Steem and the blockchain, there is another primary goal of the ecoTrain and is one of the reasons it is here!

Many of you know that I am a keen supporter of eco building, off-grid living, Earthship Biotecture, and most things natural and holistic. Ultimately I support us reclaiming our birth rights, and for us to be free to live in a way that supports our deepest human nature and desires. I believe that to do this we need to shift to a new paradigm that is being birthed slowly but surely. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics.

For this to happen we must remove the need for money wherever possible. This starts with the most important part, which is having a home without going into debt to buy it, and being able to live in that home without the pressures of bills and taxes. It is those financial burdens that cause most communities to fail, and usually result in many compromises that ultimately creates a disconnect within the people of the community.

The gift that keeps on giving! The Gift Economy.

Relieving people of the burden of being forced to work to pay bills in a job they may not even like, living in a home they cannot afford, in a location they may not even want to be in... is the ultimate gift! Giving people their lives back is an amazing form of service and is a gift that keeps on giving. My vision to create a community based on the gift economy starts with the purchase of land. This initial purchase is what the ecoTrain seeks to secure! Once land has been acquired, it is only a matter of organising the builds for each person using the gift economy approach. When a community comes together and helps to build a home for each other without any money being exchanged, we enter into the realms of great potential and creativity. Nothing brings greater results then when we feel gifted, and we want to return that gift with our time and positive energy. Therefore, there would be no cost for the land, and extremely low costs for materials and labour. It would be possible to offer an eco home in this community for just 10-20,000 dollars (or less for a tiny-home), and that home would provide a lifetime of power, water, comfort and security at almost no cost!

No Bills, No Mortgage, No Rent means more time for inspiration, creativity and deep nurturing friendships.

What would a community look like that lived like this? I believe we would see a great abundance of creativity, inspiration, joy, happiness and abundance in all its forms. People would get on with each other in new and beautiful ways, because no one is busy trying to acquire things, or get something from each other. Some money would of course be needed, but the importance of money would take many steps down in the priority ladder. When a community works together, I'm sure there could be no end of ideas for everyone to create many products such as organic produce, arts, crafts etc... that could be sold to others.

A Community Blockchain Abundance Generator.

There is also a Blockchain integration potential that could merge the community with its own currency and coin that could be used as a store of value, and even an abundance generator just like Steem! It is possible to use a similar system as Steem to allow everyone to earn money, and even vote and support community projects via the up-vote system. This could also be applied to decision making, where the community could show their support for ideas and projects by simply donating their up-votes to the projects and people they want to support. This is a kind of Anarchic direct democracy based on Blockchain. It is something i have written about before and I can see incredible potential for it to succeed.

I pledge to gift my time and my life to creating a new paradigm for living.

My role in this community would be initially be to manifest it, and facilitate anyone who wanted to join us. I have a lot of experience with eco building and have managed to build both large and tiny eco homes in the most difficult circumstances you can imagine, and often on tiny budgets of just a few thousand dollars.. and on one occasion we built with no money at all.. relying solely on donations! I have learned so much over the past 20 years that I am very confident that I could lead the way for many of people to successfully build a very beautiful home even on a shoe string budget. I would probably end up dedicating years of my life to helping others build in this community without any money or payment.

Non Violent Communication (NVC).

This world is based on a dominating culture, that enjoys violence in all it forms. Conflict is perpetuated all our interactions. It is bred into us, and is the general psychological make-up of much of the world. The way this world operates is by congratulating or punishing. If we make a mistake, we think that we deserve to suffer. Conversely, when we do good things we thing it is OK and even good to bestow great praise and even rewards to encourage such behaviours. Its all a game, a part of the who's right game. This game has created so much violence on this planet, and permeates every moment an interaction in our lives.

So when I speak of non violent communication I am speaking of a new paradigm in thinking, parenting, and connecting with others. The details of the community structure, power structure, decision making, etc .. are things that I have strong feelings on, but I don't want to get into those details just yet. The general premise is that we run by the law of least effort when it comes to decision making, and through consensus. Non-violent Communication would be the bedrock of this community, it would be the glue that binds us! The concepts of non violent communication would be taught, discussed, and embedded as a natural part of community life.

This is probably the best video you could watch to truly understand what NVC is really about.

Marshall Rosenberg - Natural Giving / Nonviolent Communication

The Land Purchase.

It will cost around $20-$50,000 to buy the land necessary for this to work. The exact location is yet to be finalised, and that price could well be lower depending on the spot! I am personally doing my best to raise these funds through many channels. I am currently finishing my second book, "99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Fuck!*ng Awesome!" I have no idea if it will be a best seller, but whatever funds I do generate from it will go to this project. This is also the case for the @ecoTrain account on Steem! Whilst it does take time to build up Steem Power, I hope that through the gift economy I can raise a significant amount of the money needed to purchase the land.

How To Support This Vision

1. Delegate or donate to @ecotrain to support this project.

I would be very happy to hear your comments, and any enthusiasm you might have for such a project! When I ask for people to delegate to the @ecoTrain, THIS is the ultimate goal of your delegation. Yes we support the amazing people that are on Steem with it, but there is so much more.. Who knows... some of you may well end up living in this very community, wouldn’t that make the perfect ending!

2. Donate some of your post rewards or Steem to @ecotrain

If you post using the #ecotrain tag and receive our up-votes then please consider donating something to @ecoTrain once the post has paid out. In this way we can make Steem more quickly and secure the land sooner rather than later! Of course you can always just donate without posting using our tag, and we will use it to keep empowering the @ecoTrain and the people who support us.

3. Share this post, and tell people about this vision!

The re-steem button is only a click away and could change someone life! If you love this vision, please share this post and share this message with someone who might appreciate it!

I leave you with a smile, and HOPE! The theme of this weeks QOTW. Sometimes people let hope become a reason to keep doing nothing, but other times once we have done everything we can, we can then only hope! SO i hope you will see what a very special idea this is, and I truly hope you will support us in any way you can!

4. Donate Bitcoin:

If you want to donate any amount of BTC to the cause please send it to

Have a beautiful day folks!



Article on Earthship Karuna:

The earthship is here:

Earthship Chronicles: The magical tale of a man who self built his self sufficient luxurious earthship home with no experience or training:

A Compilation of All my eco-building and workshop posts on Steem

Earthship Rishikesh Yoga Ashram Workshop
This is the story of how I helped Yogi Amitram to build a 1,200 sq ft off-grid Earthship based on the gift economy at his new Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. Yogi Amitram was inspired by Earthship Biotecture and got in touch with me in 2014 to ask for my help to assist him with the creation of the first Earthship inspired Yoga Ashram in the world. He had no money, and no budget, and was planning to fund raise for the build as we went along. He had faith and total belief in what he was doing, and was willing to attend a workshop we were holding here at just that time. I held a workshop with over 50 unskilled volunteers and led the group to build a very beautiful earthship in the Himalayas.

Earthship Rishikesh Completed 2018

Why You Need An Off Grid Lifestyle - Drone Footage Of Earthship Karuna

99 reasons why earthships are fuc!*ing awesome: Reasons 1-10



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excellent @eco-alex your initiative is wonderful.

cheers thank you! are talking my language with this!!! I love it 😁


I love this project! Where are you willing to buy the land!

Thanks for sharing Marshall Rosenberg's video: I'll give it a look! (I've already read two of his little books and that was enough for me to make the NVC philosophy my own!)

Resteemed and delegated.
A huge hug!

thank you! really appreciate the delegation and support! The location for the land will depend on various things.. but probably somewhere in Europe (greece, portugal, spain, france, wales).. to name a few.. Most of them have very cheap land and a lot of great potential.

glad u heard of Marshall! that video did change me from the core.. i should watch it again! what a guy!!! <3 much love and thank you so much!

Consider Brasil... :) I am here doing something very similar...but it has been a challenge to find others that want to contribute.

My pleasure, mate!
I will come to help to build the new HeartShip with true joy!

Beautiful plan Alex, i will come and visit you in a few weeks to see where this can go. Love.

ps: You HAVE to go Steemfest this year!

Posted using Partiko Android

thanks Bub! steemfest,, yes that is on the cards! ;-) Thailand very nice!!

try to get a free ticket, i managed last year, my previous resteem was about 10 free tickets... i booked train, we will arrive sunday 30 June

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I want to give this post MORE THAN 100%. I KNOW that when people are gifted and not coerced, the response that returns is a magnification of energy, of love, of positivity and abundance. I'm already quietly working towards a similar idea that would incorporate a learning center for my indigenous interns and include space for teaching the general public (in very limited, controlled and on-my-terms ways!), community and the conscious production of my herbal products. We should talk some....! LOL.

I was happy to increase my delegation to @ecotrain yesterday (as I do most Mondays) and feel WONDERFUL knowing that when I upvote the work of others and put in endless unseen hours commenting, that actually I am creating a future!! I shall be tackling my commenting duties with renewed vigor a little later. !!

I really like the way you're suggesting that the blockchain, tokens and upvoting tat we're all so familiar with in Steem actually has a NAME - Direct Democracy. haha.... great title for another ebook!

LOVE this post. On board with you 15000%. Resteemed and standing beside you to hold this vision until it manifests. And manifest it will!

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.
Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


thank you! i know you get it of course! ;-0 and thanks for all the delegation! xx

This project is a hope for the human race!
I confess that some tears fell from my face watching the video!!!
I have a similar vision for the future, I think that technologies, as blockchain and more, and a sharing o gift economy is the most sustentable option for living and can bring us in the abbundancy age! I follow the Open Source Ecology philosophy and locals canary projects related.
My dream is to have a little plot with a autosufficienty home and a food garden here in Lanzarote island.
I'll be very happy to help this project with my tiny contribuition.

such a beautiful comment, thank you!

ive never been to Lanzarote, but i hear its Very nice!! im Sure you can manifest your dreams if you just go for it! Feel free to ask questions, im always available for advice for people looking to self build.

Great ideas. As an American the most difficult challenge is property taxes. In so many places the taxes cause people to eventually lose their homes. Where in the world are you focusing your search where you can feel secure about access across the decades.

I had been looking at doing a much smaller scale of this in NM but really bought the wrong land for it, though taxes are low there. (Not even 1% per year) Various forms of this idea are what the world needs to bring people back into a healthy equilibrium with themselves and their environment.

Posted using Partiko iOS

mmm. i think the first choice should be to live somewhere where the state doesnt bleed you dry! luckily there are options, and many good ones if you are willing to venture out!...

Im looking at various places. .. there are many in Europe and beyond.. places like Nepal or India could be an option at least in the long term..

Taxes on ownership of said land, even if very low, would be a long term issue without some form of rent/membership/dues fee. Love the idea, but wondering if this is realistic to do without any ongoing influx.

thanks for your comment! There are many countries with such low tax that it is not really an issue, and also if you set it all up as a not for profit it is possible to by pass tax.. Also dont forget that the community can produce many things that can be sold..

I am absolutely resonating with the ecoTrain mission. Openhearted people are the key ingredient for this type of endeavor. Add earthships to the mix and it's a recipe for success and abundance!

Im trying to figure this out.

What a righteous endeavor, pure heart and soul. Earthship Rishikesh is a stunning build so you also have the expertise to make it happen. I'll be following your progress Alex and will help when/where I can. Are you going to give the community a name? I'm thinking.. "No Judgement".
Makes me wish I was younger and reminds me of the first words in the Neil Young song Heart of Gold
"I wanna live, I wanna give"
back to basics .. before gov took over when we relied on each other, someone's barn burns down, the whole community is there for that family.

Thank you so much! really appreciate your enthusiasm and support! A name! oh the name, not yet!! I think that will come after the land is secured..

Great vision - may be worth exploring in Nepal too 😃. Upvoted and reesteemed.

thanks a lot! yes nepal is special.. i live with a few nepali in my community.. love them! there may be issues with land ownership though, as in INdia,,.. which might make things a little tricky!

@eco-alex - You are exemplary and your vision is just amazing. Reesteemed, upvoted & will be raising my delegation. 🙏🏼👍🏼

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thank you so much! really appreciate the support and beautiful words! much love !

This is super awesome @eco-alex. My life became more difficult after i managed to construct a home 4 years ago. Home construction comes with a lot of financial stress and i didn't know about Earthships by then. I am looking forward to using where i currently stay for @thegreens office in the nearest future and hoping to build the first Earthship in Cameroon.
Please, i am really interested in learning more about Earthships and will gladly want to serve in any of your future Earthship construction initiatives. I already have a lot of ideas but i think an Earthship guru like you could give me more knowledge and ideas and make become a mentor to soo many people in Cameroon and the world. @eco-alex, i am very available and willing to learn more about constructing Earthships and i really look forward to building one in Cameroon.
Keep up with the dope green work! My respect!

Lovely to hear your passion! yes when i get building again you will be the fist to know!!! working on this land as quick as i can -)

This sounds like an awesome initiative. I'm very happy there are people on the platform who feel this way, and I hope you can achieve your goals soon.

If you haven't already heard if this organization, I can't recommend them highly enough.

They're all about setting up exactly what you describe, and have done a ton of the planning to get there already. They share everything they create freely.

I'd also suggest joining the free world charter as a signatory.

It's a nice pledge of agreed upon principals to demonstrate that people want to move away from money. The free world organizing also had a sharing site, and a gratitude based coin system. I can share links to those as well if you'd like.

There's another pledge that is similar from this organization.

This one is more focused on an RBE, which it sounds like you would be in favor of.

Hopefully you find this information helpful. What are the restrictions for getting uvotes from ecotrain?

Posted using Partiko Android

thanks for sharing this, ill check it all out!

if you want to get ecotrain upvotes just use our tag and post something decent ;-) no more than that!

You're welcome, I hope you find them beneficial.

Cool, thank you :) I will have to do that for some of my more environmentally or socially focused posts.

cool post! I am in the process of doing my own homestead buildup. lately i have been fortunate in getting great deals through surplus auctions.

thanks and GOod luck with your homestead! ;_-)

Just stumbled upon this post on trending and I really love the idea. It’s probably not for me but I really believe starting a community from scratch like this with a set goal of self sufficient living can lead to something beautiful. Best of luck!

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So exciting to see this evolving. It's so delicious and timely. Good to be back. I really missed y'all.

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Building a earthship has long been a dream of mine - but now I've quit work I just find myself dithering rather than actually doing it!

Great plan you've outlined. Love the idea of getting the basics right and gifting labour, makes total sense.

Portugal might be a good place. Or India of course!

Posted using Partiko Android

thanks! yes i understand your issue.. i mean its no small task to start self building! I dithered until the time was right and i found the right place to build..

yes portugal Does seem to be rather popular these days, i am looking into it for sure..

Well I've donated a little 100 SP delegation to help the project along, a worthy cause for sure!

Thats very cool! Thank you brother!

This post has received a 20.00% complementary upvote from @swiftcash 🤑

adelante hermano eres fuente de inspiración para muchos gran plan se que todo saldrá mejor de lo que planeas excelente tu manera de pensar en como funcionaria una comunidad sin esas ataduras del modernismo en que vivimos sera fabuloso vivir asi te felicito suerte y amen ,hermano.

I've loved your purpose since the first time I learned of it, which was not long after I started on Steemit.


My personal motto for a couple of decades has been to make my corner of the world a better place, and though our methods differ somewhat, we're definitely on the same wavelength.

Part of my goal for the property we currently live on is to get rid of as many invasive nonnative plants and trees as possible, and replace them with the valuable natives that were overharvested and/or killed off by disease, such as American chestnut, American hazelnut, American ginseng, elderberry, and many, many more.

I hope ultimately to turn our place into a natural seed bank for not only our small Calfkiller River, which forms our eastern border, but for the greater Caney Fork River floodplain, which the Calfkiller empties into a few miles south of us.

Over time I'd like to acquire a few more small properties dotting the Appalachians and do the same thing, so that over time, and long after I'm gone, they will continue to grow and thrive, reseeding the area with the plants and trees that fed this area and its animals and ecosystems over the aeons.

I'd also like to start a system of small community gardens, using permaculture and forest farming methods, most likely putting a local church or food bank in charge, allowing local people to help maintain the gardens in return for fresh organic produce, with any overage going to the food bank, or in absence of a food bank, to the closest nursery school, soup kitchen, and/or retirement home.

And ecobuilding will definitely be a part of it all. We already have a tiny building lot in northern New Mexico which is near the current earth earthship communities and would lend itself to that kind of building.

I've already sent a couple of your "99 Reasons" posts to my husband in an effort to get him on board. ;-)

Posted using Partiko Android

Mind blowing
Am really impress ... hope to work with your team

You got a 36.75% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @eco-alex! :)

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Good Decision...

Thanks for the post.

You are doing such a wonderful work my dear. I will support in all possible ways, as of now I will double my delegation to start with. I hope this small contribution works in some way for you. Thank you for all that you do.

Thanks for the post.

I love this idea and admire your dedication to getting it done! I read about a similar movement/community in India(I can’t recall the name unfortunately). They require membership, tests, etc. to get in. This style of living is something that peaks my interest.

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Beautiful vision.
I saw already a documentary about earthships
and off-grid living :)
Your vision reminds me a little of
the "Prophecy of Celestine" (James Redfield)
and the "Venus Project" (Jaque Fresco)
Let's go! :)

yup love those projects! were all on the same wavelength there!

Yesir... Mother Earth needs
those wavelengths & frequencies
right now. Way to go...
I followed you & ecotrain to stay "updated"
I wrote a hiphop song against chemtrails/geoengineering,
or better for Mother Earth, because i think the topic is urgent...
Check it out and connect with me here if you like:
Be blessed
1 Love

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

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