Cure Nearly All Type II and Many Cases of Type I Diabetes With No Drugs or Doctors! The Medicinal Cooking Collective Challenge: Diets For Ailments & Disease

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If you are diabetic, or know someone who is diabetic this post could change lives! What if i told you that nearly all cases of Type-II diabetes can be completely reversed, and many cases of Type-I diabetes can also be reversed, or at least significantly improved. What if I told you that this diabetes reversal is possible only with diet and lifestyle changes and no other medicines or potions!? I would like to relay a story to you that happened 8 years ago that ended up with me attending a very special workshop in the South of India in a small community called Auroville.

One fine day in 2010 I was sent the gift of a crippling back problem! I never had back issues before, but one day i did something very wrong, and lifted something too heavy and boom! I was unable to sit or really move for about a week, stuck in a remote location, in agonising pain... there was no way i was able to get out of here with the long treck, and bumpy jeep ride to town. I also knew there wasn’t much any local doctor could do except give me pain killers and maybe a spinal splint! That is, except for one doctor, Dr Matthews!

Dr Matthews is a master of his art, and in fact left the allopathic world and studied many holistic therapies to become a wizard instead! Matthew turned up one week after i called, hes was a busy man, and nothing had changed for me, I was in agonising pain all week! To keep this part of the story very short, all Matthew did was some acupressure and stretches. It didn’t hurt and after about 30 minutes he asked me to try to walk. I was laughing at his request, and yet by the miracle of holistic healing I was up on my feet. He left giving me no pain killers, no inflammatory, or anything except profound relief! He recommended I get some body work done, and pointed me toward a healing centre in Auroville called the quiet healing centre. This very humble, simple, but beautiful location is home to a great mash-up of alternative modalities that you can try whilst staying there in retreat.

No sooner had I recovered enough to bear the 20 hour journey, then i was booked in with a rather long list of treatments. I hadn’t done any body work or treatments for many years, but knew of their value when needed. I decided to just go all out and try everything! I cant even remember all i did, but it included Homoeopathy, Resonance Therapy, Deep Resonance Chanting, Massage, Digestive Consultation, and more im sure! Suffice is to say that I had a very nice time pampering myself and getting all KINDS of advice and medicines from them all.

I just happened to be staying at the Quiet Healing Center whilst a workshop was also happening. It was led by an Indian woman called Dr Nandita Shah, and was a raw food, vegan workshop but was about so much more than just veganism. We spent three days listening to lectures, eating AMAZING raw food vegan buffets, and being inspired and educated about veganism and the health benefits. Dr Shah told us many things, and took quite a lot time explaining why she is now dedicated to helping diabetic patients. Dr Shah was definitely onto something, and since she was a practising doctor with 1000's of clients and successes of complete diabetes reversal, she had my full attention!

What does it mean to reverse diabetes?

Most diabetics find themselves on the road to gradually increasing weight, slowly rising blood sugar levels, higher doses of medication, and worsening complications.

Reversing diabetes means reversing this trend. Blood glucose values that have kept rising month after month can begin to come down very quickly. Doses of medication that have risen again and again can come down too. Symptoms such as neuropathy—nerve pains in the feet and legs—can improve and even disappear. Severe weight problems can be tackled, and even heart disease can reverse.

Using Dr Shah's system of a raw food vegan diet as well as lifestyle changes, she has been able to completely reverse type II diabetes in thousands of patients. By completely reverse I mean that they are totally off insulin injection and are leading a normal healthy life, with other symptoms of diabetes such as poor eyesight also reversed!

I'm not going to explain ALL the details about why vegan diet is able to make SO much difference, and heal such a serious and global pandemic disease such as diabetes. The reason is very simple and very clear, and you don’t need to understand the science of nutrition, digestions, and the complex world of microbiology to get it. Our diet is directly linked to our health, and certain foods are more harmful than others to our overall well being. Diabetes is a growing problem in all countries that are embracing the 'western diet', which is of course a diet high in sugar, carbohydrates, meat, and dairy.. and low in fresh whole foods and greens. India is well on track to raising awareness on this issue, and Dr Nandita Shah has been awarded with the highest civilian award for women in the country

Whilst ALL of these are pretty damaging to our body, dairy is one that is surrounded in misinformation and disinformation.. and is a food that i consider a drug, and is not something we should be eating. It is only when you stop eating dairy totally, which I did for many months afterwards ( and still am about 95% of the time) that you start to notice the difference. Most interesting was how QUICKLY i was shedding weight. The pounds were dropping off, and my back and whole body was feeling better than ever. My energy levels were really up, and very constant. There were no crashes and dips, I just had energy for the whole day. My mind was clear and quiet and I just basically felt really good!

If you have taken the time to look in to dairy, milk and cheese you will know why it is so harmful to us. What is very obvious is that it is a drug, and you can see that in the relationship people have with dairy. We want it in everything, and it doesn’t make us feel good when you eat it. You crave more of it the more you have, and you can feel how it effects your mood when you eat it. It makes perfect sense of course, because it contains opiates, that a calf need to bond with its mother and survive the harships of being a calf. IT also contains many other hormones that we shouldn’t be eating such as growth hormone which acts on us just as it does to a cow. Let me leave you with the question, what is the worlds favourite dessert? The answer is Ice Cream, because it contains two of the most addictive and toxic drugs that we have, sugar and dairy!

If your interest IS peaked, please check the resources i am offering you below. If you want to understand more, please follow the links. If you are already convinced and would like some support or ideas then please also check out the recipe PDFs and others that I have shared. They are really wonderful recipes that also embody the values of a whole food as well as vegan diet which I also believe in.


If you are ready to get on the fast track to health, or are suffering from illnesses that no doctor can help you with then the Paleo diet is for you! Paleo basically takes the Vegan diet to the next level by removing carbohydrates and many pulses and beans from the eating list! That means bread made from wheat (there are great alternatives), italian pasta, and even rice and other carbs. This might sound like you have nothing left to eat, but you would be surprised, and after a week or two in a Paleo diet you are going to feel as good as you can from diet changes alone.

Many Paleo diets to include meat as a protein source, but I don’t think that is the best unless you REALLY cant manage to get enough protein or have time to cook a healthy vegan diet. It does take some effort, especially at first, to find new recipes and meal plans.. but once you get used to it its ends up much quicker than cooking things for ages!

If you do enjoy this diet, you will lose weight even faster, and in my case doubly so. I don’t do well with wheat, and eat too many carbs in all their forms.. or at least i used to.. I have stopped them mostly now and am enjoying the benefits! I hope the recipes below can inspire you.

If you cant go 100% into either vegan or paleo then consider going 50% and having one meal a day that is pure vegan or paleo. That will help a LOT, and might already put you on the track to a full conversion. One of the reasons for this is because once you start to detox and get unaddicted from sugars and carbs etc, you stop craving them, just like drugs! You stop craving them, and you feel better and pleasantly full instead of bloated. Its also fair to say that its very easy to fall off the wagon, and when that happens just enjoy it and jump right back on!


Timeless Recipe Book

The Magic Of Eating For Health

SHARAN helps prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, hypothyroid, aches and pains, autoimmune diseases, even cancers and weight loss through food alone. We achieve this through seminars, cooking classes, online programs, consultations and individualised programs.

Today many people are overfed yet undernourished, leading to lifestyle diseases. Nutrients are the spare parts, which the body uses to heal. We put a huge emphasis on nutrition, and techniques of cooking to help you feed your family the most nutrient-dense food.

SHARAN advocates a basic five plan for optimal health. Specifically, we recommend:

1. Whole Foods like whole or unpolished rice (brown rice), whole wheat, whole sweeteners like dates and raisins, and unpeeled vegetables and fruits, wherever possible. We recommend avoiding processed, refined foods – such as white rice, white four (maida), sugar, oil (including olive oil and coconut oil), fats, juice, jaggery.

2. Plant-based Foods, that are full of phytonutrients and help in healing. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and seeds. We recommend avoiding all animal products including milk in any form (tea, coffee, milk powder, biscuits, cheese, curds/yoghurt, buttermilk, butter, ghee, etc.) But we do have excellent alternatives for all of these.

3. Organic Foods, grown the way nature designed rather than infused with chemicals and poisons.

4. Periodic testing of Vitamin B12 levels and supplementaton if required.

5. Periodic testing of Vitamin D levels and supplementaton if required.

We always recommend that the food be irresistibly delicious and eaten according to hunger. No counting calories and no starving!

This recipe book will show you the path and I hope that it will help you reach your highest health potential.

To learn more about SHARAN and how we can help you visit Dr Nandita Shah Founder, SHARAN


Start Your Day Raw

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Spot on Alex!!! Fantastic post! Not only does your body not need the meat, the carbs, the dairy, it doesn't even want them! And don't be fooled anymore about needing meat for protein; protein isn't even a thing, it's merely a chain of things, specifically a chain of amino acids, which we do need. But we don't need them locked into a protein chain that our digestive systems have to use all kinds of additional energy to break down. Get your amino acids from RAW fruit and vegetables, and you've got EVERYTHING you need without having to lose so much energy trying to mine aminos out of meat, meat that will then putrefy in your system before you can even finish processing it.
Our needing animal protein is a MYTH!

Thank you for this information. All of my family struggles with diabetes and I am struggling with sugar addiction (especially ice cream) which i know leads to diabetes, and i hate going to doctors. I have been needing good suggestions to point me in the right direction. At 35, i feel my time to reverse my eating habits and metabolism and heal my internal organs is now!


you got that right! yes now is the time.. always ;-)

I'm a big advocate of Intermittent fasting, which has also shown to have Diabetes reducing benefits!

Let me know what you think, I do many videos about IF demonstrating the benefits. Let me know what you think of them.



yes i agree! its like hitting the reset button.. ill check your vids out!

A solid way of life has both short and long haul medical advantages. Long haul, eating an adjusted eating regimen, taking standard exercise and keeping up a sound weight can add a very long time to your life and decrease the danger of specific ailments including malignancy, diabetes, cardiovascular infection, osteoporosis and stoutness.

My father has diabetes and ever since he is watching what he eats there is an extraordinary recovery. With good food and daily exercise, he is really making huge progress. Thank you for this info 💚