A delegation and voting bot to fund eco-building workshops and sustainable communities based on blockchain

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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the @ecoTrain delegation and voting bot that is now up and running! It has several far reaching benefits and I hope you will read this and be inspired to use it for both delegation as well as for voting. What makes this bot very special is that it will lead to fantastic real life eco-build workshops and even communities around the world. I am very excited to start this initiative and invite you to earn 65% rewards on your delegation, whilst also supporting real world eco-building and community initiatives.

Some Great Reasons To Delegate to @ecoTrain

Delegators will receive 65% of the bids received each day.

Your rewards are automatically calculated by the bot and paid to your account every day. Whilst you can earn higher rewards using other bots, they do not support projects. When you delegate to @ecoTrain you are balancing profit making with altruism by supporting innovative projects that will help make the world a much better place. More about that below!

Encouraging high value posts and great authors

A very important part of the @ecoTrain ethos is that we should add value to Steem with our posts. The @ecoTrain Voting Bot is no different and I will encourage and reward ecoTrain passengers and others who post great content to use it. I will discourage low value posts by banning users who use the bot to promote them. I will personally be curating this, and will do my best to ensure that the @ecoTrain bot is used in a way that is beneficial to all. I will encourage high value posts with 'bonus' votes from my personal account.

Check out an @ecoTrain magazine post.

About ecoTrain:

Initiating real World eco-building projects!

I will use some of the funds for a real world eco-building initiative! I expect to build in Holland or Europe, and am currently considering holding a small eco-building workshop for a small community that includes home-schooled children in Holland.

I am innovating my own design of a very affordable but beautiful, high performing, self-sufficient eco-home. With several workshops and 15 years of experimenting under my belt I am confident that I can build very successfully whilst also demonstrating a model for others to learn from.

If you support sustainable development and want to see some action on the ground then please delegate to this bot and support this cause. There is SO little eco building happening, and I am working hard to change that!

It will be a very exciting day when I can write about my first workshop funded by Steem!

One of my first eco-building workshops. Incredibly we had the roof on within 2 weeks!

My Eco-Building Blogs:

Earthship Karuna – The first fully off-grid Earthship Home in India:

A new paradigm in eco-building and community living. A blockchain based ecoVillage Coin.

There is a global crisis in affordable and functional housing, as well as a cultural and community breakdown happening in most of the world. People are sucked into a lifetime of overwhelming debt so that they can own a home and try to find security. The problem is that when you can't repay the loan, you have lost your security and just about everything you had. The knock on effects of having to live and work just to pay the loans and bills is a big part of our current global crisis. The stress and competitiveness of our current free markets have stretched the average person to breaking point, and people are desperately looking for a way out. With the demise of the family unit, people are more vulnerable than ever as they get older.

ecoVillage coin gives us an incredible alternative of life-long and affordable security, and at the same time a solution to our planet's environmental crisis.

We have to turn this tide and start finding ways to provide real security and a sense of community and support for each other. I have been promoting eco-building for 15 years, and I meet people almost daily who deeply desire to get off-grid and be self sufficient. The story is ALWAYS the same with everyone I meet, and I can totally understand why almost none of them will likely go on to self-build. Most people are not going to be able, or even want to self build, and even if they could they likely don't have the money to proceed on their own.

This is a long term project that could change the entire paradigm of off-grid communities, home ownership and life-long security. If successful, it would be the greatest gift I could leave to this world and the people who inherit it. As a very wise man once said:

"The greatest form of gift or charity is to make someone self sufficient"

My Vision For Blockchain Based Communities Worldwide.

More about me and my work

I have been promoting sustainable building and living since 2001. I co-initiated, co-led and fundraised the first domestic Earthship build in the UK (Earthship Brighton). Earthship Brighton has won ten awards and commendations including:

- South East Renewable Sustainable Energy Awards 2005.
- Environment Agency's Water Efficiency Awards 2006.
- Sustain Magazine's Construction and Renovation category.
- Green Apple Awards 2007 for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage.
- Green Apple Awards 2007 – National Gold Winner for Business.
- South East Low Carbon Awards 2007.
- National Energy Efficiency Awards 2007.
- The Argus Eco Award 2010 – Winner of Greenest Building in Sussex.

I completed the first off-grid Earthship home in India (Earthship Karuna) in 2012. I have also led numerous workshops and have inspired thousands of people from around the world to build and live sustainably.

Green Crusader Alex Leeor: Projects Abroad (ISSUU):

Destination Green Earth:

The Earthship Is Here:

A Call For Help

In the last 20 years I have spent my entire savings of over $350,000 on eco-building, subsidised workshops and outreach. I have always performed my work as service, and even today have no ownership over any of the buildings I have created. Ironically, I do not even own my own home today! That includes my biggest project Earthship Karuna, which is owned by Karuna Trust. My income since 2001 has been entirely through web development work, however, for reasons beyond my control that job has now ended. Therefore, I am unable to fund or initiate any further projects without support. I hope that by seeing the achievements I have made so far, you can be inspired to support me with your delegation so that I really can continue to make a difference in the world!

Thank You For Supporting @ecoTrain and a better world!

Your delegation will go a long way with @ecoTrain. Thank you for even a very small delegation, because every bit really does count.

You can delegate in 2 minutes using this simple tool. You can also remove your delegation at any time. Many thanks to @yabapmatt for all his incredible tools and services!


If you can't delegate, I hope you will use our bot voting service.
You can find us at:

Please find me on Discord: eco-alex#6971



65% is just too low compared to your competitors..

well, for me its not a business. I'm not trying to be the most competitive. If you are looking for ROI only then best to go with one of the others.. I have said this at the start of this post. BUT if you have plenty of Steem Power and want to support genuine amazing projects then delegate to me! Many people are VERY happy to earn a little less and see amazing things happen as well as make some returns

Bro its all about the money here, no1 gives a damn about the good work one does.. Hve you seen accounts with almost no posts in months with 100000$ of steem delegated? its all about ROI. They rarely write anything and start flagging people they dont like, giving any shit reasons.

However great cause.. i support you.


thanks for your support.. i think many of us do care, i know that for sure.. but yes, its a bit of a mashup! Hang in there!

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nice community efforts, it is inspiring.

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wow! thanks @eco-alex for the initiation to help our community and the environment, seldom people are willing to do what you do, i'm supporting your projects, thanks again. :)

Wow, this is so you! Your life's work and your gift to the world: ECO BUILDING. I so agree that this is one of the main keys to a better world. Let's use this opportunity Steemit presents to us to give eco building the boost it deserves by using the eco-train delegation and voting bot! And you have achieved so much already in your dedication to this cause of making eco building skills and housing available at low or no cost to people and communities. I am so proud of you. If anyone can do eco-building magic with the rewards that will come from this bot it is YOU! Apart from housing for individuals and communities, places to be teaching children are also expensive and often without soul, making it hard for government-control free-initiatives to set anything up without losing a lot of money meant for teaching materials to rent. And yes education is part of community life, at least I think it is supposed to be brought back to small groups of children with dedicated teachers that have the time and space to listen to their needs and interests and are able to make what is being learned relevant for use in daily life in that community. So, way to go Alex. I wish eco-train a lot of good luck on this Bot initiative. And Lakshmi blessings! <3

Well, thanks for confirming!

many,many thanks for your confirming

Thank you so much for this initiative.

Are you currently working with any community building organizations and/or existing communities in Europe, where you want to build? Your post references many building projects, but I don't see mentions of the communities and people involved in these projects. Did I miss them?

As for a community coin, I know this has been a point of discussion in the Global Ecovillage Network and the associated communities for a long time. There are several complimentary currencies already (we have one at Damanhur) and there have been discussions with developers abotu creating coins. It would be great if your efforts were a part of that through the Global Ecovillage Network or some of the community members. Are you working with them on this or your other projects?

Thank you!

Thanks for your comment yvesoler! Since the last 12 years I have been building and promoting sustainable building and living totally SOLO in India. I have worked totally independently and basically initiated and led the projects with almost no support in a few locations in India, including Karuna Farm (www.karunafarm.in) which is a small community that I have helped develop. The last organisation I was involved with in Europe was 14 years ago with the Low Carbon Trust, as part of the Earthship Brighton Initiative.

My plan moving forward is to hold workshops in Europe for the first time, so that I can offer an incredible building experience to everyone at minimal costs. I have several options including a workshop for a local community in the Netherlands. There is a special group there who do a lot of good community work including homeschooling. I am also very open to holding workshops wherever the call takes me. Damanhur is a beautiful example of the perfect place to hold a workshop whilst build something that the community can use and learn from.

The ecoVillage coin is a much bigger endeavour and I am chatting with a few people who are working on similar ideas. I would be happy to partner up with groups like the Global EcoVIllage Network, where our vision align.

The eco-Village coin is MUCH more than just a currency, as it will allow for VERY low cost off-grid housing and community living, as well as being the currency of the community. My focus is really on NEW developments rather then appending blockchain on to existing communities. To develop this will require very in depth technical knowledge of how the Steem blockchain works. Therefore I am currently looking for the right programmer to help me get a feasibility study / assessment of the vision.

thanks for your input!

Thank you the in-depth reply. I highly encourage you to get in touch with the Global EcoVillage Network. They really do amazing work all around the world and would be a wonderful collaborator in what you are doing. If you are doing a community project, you need a community to do it with, no?

I don't live that far away from Brighton, I will have to look up Earthship Brighton.

Although, voting bots have been getting a bad press, if they all had integrity and a purpose like yours behind them, it would be a whole different ball game. You have my support @eco-alex

thanks hopeuggs! i try to make things better with what i do! glad you agree!
Earthship Brighton is worth a visit, and a beautiful location. They hold workshops quite often, look out for Jon Kalviac

follow me, thanks

How about me @hopehuggs i yet get support in my steemit post

That's a great initiative. Congrats on launching your bot.

Thank you Michel, and also for your support!

eco-alex thank you very much for your comment.

I'm really stoked to see a new sustainable (as in creating value IRL) bot on Steemit, and I believe this is the future of this platform!

Optimally I'd give my SBD only to bots like yours, cause I hate the speculation that the others perpetuate.

I also think that buying bids from them is a negative sum game both in short and in long perspective, and the only way out is adding value to the real world like you're doing yourself!

I'll use @ecotrain ASAP!

i think you nailed it right there!
Imagine if I DID create the first off-grid blockchain community.. and it got loads of media attention.. And every press release i made told everyone that the whole project was initially backed by Steemit!

The more we bring Steem into the real world and show what she can do the better for the long run, i totally agree!

About four months ago I came across your Earthship Karuna post and it just resonated with what I am passionate about (sustainable buildings), I got inspired to start working (design) my own eco-home (Net Zero Home), it's untried in my country, will cost me an arm and a leg but i want to see how far i can get with it, and thank you for the inspiration and lessons through your posts.
You are truly living and making the ECO dream a reality to a lot of people, and this initiative goes to show how committed you are to the cause, am a plankton with no delegation to offer but a lot of good wishes and $0.01 upvotes and definitely when my SP grows I will definitely delegate to this worthy cause. SteemOn and Resteemed!

Wow this is amazing and very exciting @eco-alex, this really has the potential to bring forth such positive change in the world. The rate at which our numbers are increasing along with the way a lot of homes are being constructed is having a huge impact on the planet. To help educate people and allow them to actively take back control of how they live and have a hand in creating the homes they live in is very empowering. There is such a huge need for this, we all need to be living more sustainably and you definitely have the experience and the motivation to make it happen. I really wish I had the steem power to delegate. It really is time to see things moving forward in the right direction, it is the time of action, we really have been talking about change for a while now. So happy to see this happening and I would love to help in any way I can, great job.

Thank you trucklife-family. You Totally get it of course! Lets make this happen! My motto is, Just Do It!

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I still feel we need fewer bots rather than more. Bots upvote set posters or posts and do not take the post or how good it is, into account.

well, i agree with you in many ways. I have been manually curating amazing content with the ecoTrain for 9 months now and I am all about quality posts. I have a great network of amazing people who will use this bot, and I will also blacklist posts that are really low value with too much rewards.

I think in time more bots will evolve to have whitelisting and other anti spam features.. also lets see what the next HF brings! For now though, this seems to be the way forward and we have to find ways to make it work and improve. That is why I will be using this bot to build up power to my account and use it to reward and curate very good steemians.. SO in the long run I think more good than harm will be done.

WOW! I'm kinda mind-blown rn. Your magazine, and the people you've linked, many of whom I was following already. I'm super impressed. Very inspiring. Would love to have you on my podcast.

This is awesome, @eco-Alex. I'm so looking forward to getting a project going here in Belize. This is really, really worthy. What a beautiful legacy.

thank you very much for complement!

Love this! Resteemed @the-hearth! Great way to boost sustainable projects on the blockchain. Great work @eco-Alex! 💚🌿

thank you for your support as always!

I hope one day soon when I have some funds I can build an eco home. This is a great initiative, thank u!

hey if i manage to get the ecoVillage coin going you may not need funds ;-)

this sounds very exciting!

Another ecotrain milestone, congratulations!

cheers likedeeler!

follow me, thanks....

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nice comment, well worded.. good work guys! I think this post is worthy ;-)

Thank you, and good luck with your bot!

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Thanks for the great content!!

quiero que mis post valgan lo mismo :( :D

Amazing. That's a great initiative. Congrats on launching your bot.

great to see other people interested in environment protection. I want to thanks you this initiative! If i Had Steem I would delegate you..but I'm new here. I hope you will achieve what you want to. I will follow you for more news, and I will follow @ecotrain page

Hi, I'm curious why you took a 33% lost by sending 60 SBD to TheRising but didn't use @promobot which has an overbid protection of max 10%?

Thanks for this Tip and advice! It didn't look so bad when i made the bid.. ;-)

Bidding early and not more than 75% of the total round is I think a good simple strategy, for now.

i think promobot is my next port of call! Thanks for this. .. , i will do next time..

This post is very nice, it shows that you care a lot and work hard to do it ... congratulations men

I hope I have enough steem to delegate to you someday. Til then i will just follow you and the authors you curate and the curators that curate you and try and figure out what is going on in steemland. You inspire me!

Awesome your concept sir........
thanks for sharing with us.....

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Great post love it

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid

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Thank You! ⚜

@buzz.lightyear Something you can draw inspiration and idea from.. maybe even collaborate with them:)

Wonderful nature, very nice post, thanks

I love so much my friend!

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The writing is very useful and I get a lot of new knowledge. Thank you @exo-alex

Good post

Lot's of best wishes for you and your project @eco-alex.

Great posts.

Congratulations continue like this <3

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Excellent contribution sibling, may you continue blessings greetings

This is pretty neat! Definetly gonna follow this.

eco train is very interesting

Congrats for your initiative! Hope eco-friendly organizations and businesses start doing positive actions like yours.

65% just too low compared to your competitors ..

thanks information friends

so nice post its very usefull postThanks you so much for your great postAll the best

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your post is a good information to know and interesting to read

hope this picture will look good. If you like it, please vote. Opinion vote is valuable for me.thanks bro......

Your post is very good, so after I read your post, direct my spirit to do as you appear. Thank you friend. I wait for your next posting ....

65% means?? if I delegate 100% i will get back 65%.??

good job your writing

Keep it up!
followed you.


...my account was hacked last night and the bot created a phishing site link here in the comments from my account ... the link is now removed... Today I got my account back.. sorry about that :( :( :( thanks.

I am so happy to see your post and also excited to know that you live in India. I am from Bangladesh and I am working on a co-operative project to build a eco-village which will be a cultural hub and its situated in an ancient city called PundraNagar. I will go through your work to see how you have done your dream projects. I want to build an earthship also but dont know how to do it. Maybe You can give me some advice on how I can proceed with the earthship. Thanks so much for this post..and looking forward to have a chat with u. take care brother..

@eco-alex, you are definitely one of a kind and live by what you believe! Each time I read your posts I keep being amazed what is a generous soul you are! I believe that this is the amazing initiative what really will help make this world a better place! I am so honored to witness its beginning and I am sure that it will be a great success. Knowing you-you live by your credo - just do it and you do it well! You have my full support %)) my first ever delegation on Steemit%)) May the project grow and support a rise of a better world!

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that goes to delegators yes

how much goes to your project?

That is yet to be determined.. My account will receive 30% and it will be used on Steemit to support great minnows. I will determine how much to use on a workshop once I have the details of the first workshop ironed out. I also need to see how much delegation and rewards we get.

I think its fair to say that the more rewards we get, the bigger and better the workshop will be!

good luck against the other bots

If I've read this right - I love the sound of the #eco-building ... is this something I should be looking at for my vision of a crypto-funded Suicide Prevention Centre in the middle of nature? Please check my post and tell me more about these building https://steemit.com/psychology/@zoedj/mental-wealth-is-it-time-you-invested Kindest DJ

Thank you @eco-alex this is amazing and I'm so happy that I ran into someone that cares about helping and making this world better. I truly love to help people as well and it's always a pleasure to run into people that have a heart to help! Thank you for what you do and I am supporting you! :)

thanks will follow your interesting posts

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Thank You!

I'm the initiative @eco-alex

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Great initiative @eco-alex. This looks great idea for being eco-friendly and helps a real-world problem and be a solution to it, affordable home.This concept is going to provide the solution to our planet's environmental crisis.

Amazing undertaking you are doing @eco-alex with the eco building and using steemit to help fund new projects! If only there could be more people working as hard as you to make the world better... truly inspiring :)

Great initiative!These are the types of projects we need more of here on Steemit.

Such a great initiative Alex!

it looks very interesting especially for those who believe in the environment and ecology

if you are going to evaluate my entire post with one word, why not choose a more expressive word.. such as,,, excellent, or fantastic. ;-)


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