My gluten free, almost paleo breakfast

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I recently learned that your stomach has prime time between 7 and 9 am. So that means it digests best at that time of day. People also say one should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a farmer and diner like a pauper. It never really made sense to me until I learned about the peak time of the stomach.
As my digestion could use some help I decided to have a good breakfast today, close enough to 9 o clock 😉

I had cooked millet flakes with virgin coconut oil, cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, cashew nuts and honey. Oh, yeah and mango. I boiled an egg with it and had a good large cup of peppermint tea.
It had all this cheerful yellow beaming up at me, it almost looked like it was easter already. 🐣
A good start of the day.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Was it satisfying?
What is your favourite breakfast?

Love Clara

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Rather weirdly I had a cup of homemade Tomato soup!




Ah, yeah that can be really nice. After my breakfast I actually felt like some soup too, as I had that in Thailand for breakfast and it's actually really soothing to have warm salty liquid to start the day with isn't it?

Sounds delicious! I usually have my coffee with butter until about 9:30 or 10:00 and then I have some homemade flax crackers with coconut oil and a little cheddar cheese on top...and a little very dark chocolate afterwards.


Hm yum, I could get in to that, except for the butter in my coffee maybe :-)

I had oat porridge with, banana, cinnamon, coconut oil, date syrup, linseed's, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, carob and maca. It's my powerhouse breakfast x


Oh, I'm getting idea's here. Thank you!

I used to work in a holistic elder care place, and we always had big breakfast and lunch and tiny dinners because, especially for older people, digesting at night causes a host of problems. It was a really good habit to get into, but I have unfortunately gotten out of it, mostly because I now work during the day and also because it's hot as balls mid day.


Oh yes, and then you don't want to eat when it's hot. Old people have lots of good habits often.

In Russa, there is a proverb which if I translate it world by world would be the following: "Eat breakfast alone, share lunch with friends and give your dinner to your enemies.". I know there is an English version as well:"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." I guess people know it but rarely use it!
I always have big breakfasts - something with oats, pancakes or eggs, with leaves of salad+some fruits of fruit smoothy. Yet sometimes I venture for soup like ldacey-laforge%)
I believe you just need to listen to your body!

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Ah so nice that this wisdom has it's own expression in each country, it must mean it is true! I love the image. Thank you.