Being enough.

in ecotrain •  10 months ago

Being enough
(a conversation with myself)

"What is this heavy feeling that I have?"
"It is called loneliness. It comes from not being enough on to yourself. Because people have made you feel like you weren't enough on to them. But you are. Enough on to yourself. When you remember who you are underneath the lies. Just remember."

"I remember now. I am not lonely. I am friends with the bees, their buzzing speaks to me of the ecstasy of flowers and spring. I remember that I am related to the flowers and find joy in their colourful and fragrant openheartedness. Let my heart be open only onto the sun. It no longer needs to stay ajar for people's disapproval of themselves projected on to me. I love people too. Let it be known. And let me be free."

Clara Andriessen

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this is beautiful, thank you Clara, it really resonates with me, we are never alone when we open our hearts to the abundance of nature all around us xx


Thank you dear. I'm glad you are also feeling akin to nature. It's a wonderful feeling being connected to all of life, including people on my own terms.

<3 <3 such an important message (for so many of us). this practice of returning to knowing we are enough within ourselves... makes all the difference in life. much love! xo


Very much! I'm glad you feel the same. I found an apiary two minutes from my house by the way. It is an education centre about bee keeping so you can see the bee hive through glas when you slide a panel away. Very nice! Alex and I found it on our evening walk yesterday.


oh that's so cool! congrats!! <3

This is beautiful. I completely agree that when we connect with nature it brings us into the present. <3


Yes! And in the present is love and acceptance!