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Awesome article!
The idea to be present is a wise idea, however, people can't admit they're fragile, so they cover their fragility with excuses.

  • What’s the difference between presence and the illusion of presence?

Thank you! Well, I guess it's not easy for people to admit these things. Humans don't like to acknowledge their weaknesses. But in my opinion, it's a sign of strength to be able to admit we're not perfect.

When we're born we don't want to self-destroy, still,

  • What do we see in stores?

Children buy poison and stuff that are labeled as food even though they have zero value (with fiat currency or crypto currency) and consume them because after 12 years of education system,

  • Children don't even know what is food or even worse,
  • They’re too fragile to care about themselves, about their health.

My guess is that presence doesn't stop us from overcoming our challenge, on the contrary: when we're conscious, there is no unconscious mind that creates movies about what might go wrong (the root of fear.).

  • Wouldn't it make sense to be in a scenario in which the education system is what's supposed to be?
  • How can we create a scenario in which the education system is what's supposed to be?

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