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After-School Herbal Magic & Mommy's Eco-Herbal-Cocktail

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Mind? It is a lovely moment to be reminded of that amazing enfolded miracle pleasure place!! May there be more conscious sharing thereof. :) Yes, I too, am very dutch that way and yes, it IS a very Georgia O'Keefe image and was named for that. :) Love your support - following you too for more great Dutch sharing and engagement. Ik was in den Haag geboren. :)

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I'm glad! I'm not familiar with Georgia o 'Keefe though... Yes, let's keep exchanging Dutchiness. xx Ik ben geboren in Leiden.


Georgia O'Keefe is a famous american artists who paints erotic flowers. Beautiful. :) Ik heb en oom in Leiden. :) Maar ik schrijv nu heel slecht!! Kan het wel nog goed lezen. :)


Right! Erotic flowers! Flowers are a celebration.