Polishing the Mirror Of Trust

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Trusting others has nothing to do with them, with who they are or what they represent. It has everything to do with who WE are, the vibration we choose to exude, the energies we call in and our willingness to be so in touch with ourselves that we KNOW what we're engaging in and with, cos we FEEL it. In that place, that outdated concept of blind trust is superfluous.

I would go so far as to say TRUST is a mirror of what we believe about others, the world as a safe space and what we believe about ourselves

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This life in the Earth School is a place of co-creation, where my feelings are guides and let me know when my thoughts are off-base. Do I believe you'll steal from me? There I am, setting the vibration for it and inviting the act of theft already. Do I believe all men are unfaithful wretches who will never stay committed to one person? I win again - I CREATE and INVITE those people energetically into my world and voila! I'm right.

What about if I trusted only ONE thing - the idea that I create everything in my experience as a teacher for my Soul? That I invite "untrustworthy" people in to my orbit so I can learn from them about my own worth? That I allow and invite "betrayal" through my endless, small betrayals of self?

Should I continue to trust and love the man who hasn't stepped up for me in the way he suggested he might? Unequivocally yes. Because he was right to sidestep someone who didn't step up for herself, and therefore the time simply wasn't right. That moment is gone and in the new moments I create, things are different. All things are possible. But surely he hurt and disappointed you? No. I hurt and disappointed me so many times that energetically he was called in to mirror that so I could learn. And grow. As that changes and my engagement with self changes, so too do the people who arrive in my orbit. Or return.

I think this idea of Trust is actually an old paradigm thing. A sort of cosmic lotto idea where we launch all-in with someone or something, based on a few hints but without any certainty. Vulnerable and easy to be hurt and broken.

New paradigm thinking says I am solely responsible for what I call into engagement with my own Being of Light. As I am lighter and more engaged and in tune, I hear and feel what I need. I call it in. As my vibration shifts, so too do the opportunities that flow to me and the people who bless, nourish and love me.

Have I had an idyllic life to lead me to such a fairy-tale, simplistic view of Life, Love and Trust? Au contraire. I have suffered, bled and waded through decades of "broken trust", tears, disappointments and shattered expectations. Each and everyone of them has been important and necessary to bring me to this place of Understanding today. And this acceptance that I am Creator. My life is a reflection of my beliefs. As I lean more deeply into the eternal self which needs nothing and feels nothing but joy in the moment of each breath, I begin to manifest that outwardly in my physical world.

There is no need for Trust. Only for Connection with Self and appreciation of the Joy in each moment. The alignment takes care of the rest.

This is my response to @ecotrain's Question of The Week: Who Do You Trust and How Do You Trust?

Feeling enriched to have contributed and pondered. BlissednBlessed.

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Yes it is the Truth itself.
We live in holographic Universe and everything is mirroring us...
So it is better to live in a hall of clean reflecting mirrors... and the little details fall in the right place...
Thanks for sharing this! Resteemed! ;)

Indeed the Hall of Mirrors - not just reflecting, but often refracting and magnifying. Appreciating the resteem and you dropping by. Thank you.

yes refracting and dispersing too...

ooh wow, such wise words!!!!!

You showed up. Aaaww. Thank you. xxx 100% upvote and you are off the commenting hook for another month. xxx

wow a WH)LE month! this is a very generous allowance! l-) im sure it wont be that long!

haha... as long as you need the lull to be, my dear.... you have more important things to focus on than propping up my ego. :) x

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And a big hug returned with pleasure, @amico! xxx

Mirror! Mirror! Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

The ultimate, perfect response! LOL. Whomever we choose to see. Thanks for stopping by. :)


Es fascinante la analogía que haces con el espejo, es una reflexión importante que compartes con nosotros respecto acomo debemos ser, desde tu perspectiva, es maravilloso poder compartir experiencias y maneras de pensar con muchas personas, leer y analizar sus formas de pensar es grandioso, el conocimiento está ahí, eres de gran aprendizaje y valor para nuestra plataforma, gracias por compartir con nosotros este material.

The analogy you make with the mirror is fascinating, it is an important reflection you share with us about how we should be, from your perspective, it is wonderful to be able to share experiences and ways of thinking with many people, reading and analyzing their ways of thinking is great, the knowledge is there, you are of great learning and value to our platform, thank you for sharing with us this material.

Thank YOU for always being so considerate in responding - your bilingual approach is super and we are able to cross the language barriers with ease, even if your hi tech translation app has some very funny expressions sometimes. Sending you love in Venezuela.

hahaha my friend @artemislives is not high-tech, it's https://www.deepl.com/ I think it's a little better than google traslator, but sometimes it doesn't do very well, and says strange things very different from its translation, but it better help in something hahaha

Powerful piece! Such wise words and accountability. I hear you and resonate deeply with much of what you said. Thank you so much for your powerful vulnerability. I love the quote "who hurt you dear?" My own expectations. Another favorite is Maya Angelou. When they show you who they are believe them. I love this post, thank you 💜💕💙

And thank you for being my mirror just now, and affirming so quickly and positively. Appreciated. Hugs from Chiang Mai. x

I am so grateful for the reflection!! Hugs and love to you too 💜

Perfect. Isnt it funny we have to go through years of bleeding to realise this stuff? Love xx

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Years? LOL... some of us are notching up DECADES in the bleeding and blaming phase. The realization comes when the heart is ready.

Alice in Wonderland, red head version

I like this and share pretty much the same view, I have definitely come to the point that it all is a teacher, good & bad. The bad happens when I need to learn.

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