While reading your article my tear's run down the point I've read about the ten dollars clothing. Because, I see the same exact people around me but I can't do anything for then. Even my inner me pushing me to help. I don't have enough to help them all but I am working so hard to make that happen.

That you want to do something is already half-way there. Maybe all you can do today is enter the Happiness Challenge - you send 2 steem and get one back for being in the first 20 entries. If 50 people do it we can send 50 steem to the kids in Venezuela. Today you might feel you have nothing, but I'm sure you can do this. :) Glad that the post spoke to you and that you have that feeling to help and share.... already the world is a better place then. x

You have a strong spirit! I'm sure that you'll be able to overcome all your situation, success follows people like you ... Thanks for your words and ideas, I live in Venezuela and the situation because of the dictatorship is very complicated, I understand you... but yes, gratitude and service are the keys to getting out of the hole. 👍😊

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I especially HOPE you will enter the Happiness Challenge! Venezuela's indigenous children are needing the worlds support, but also from within Venezuela. :) All the information you need is in the link I included in my post. :)

You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

I can't believe you were denied your visa. What does that mean for you? What happens now? You work so hard and are such an assett to Thailand and the world - you should have ALL the visas. It's funny, isn't it, when people say: 'how do you do it', and you just DO - you continue to be a shining example of what to do when life gets tough, and IS tough. You don't have the luxury of crying under blankets - you are a busy mama! I do, I absolutley do, and allow myself that luxury - but not for long, because it is neccessary, as you say, to shift focus, shake it off and serve others, whether it's the obviously needy (and thanks so much for bringing that Freedom Tribe charity drive to Steemit - you have our full support) - or the ones that need you, like daughters, family members, loved ones. It helps. We are more than just ourselves.

We are also holding a raffle - if you'd like to win some beautiful art by @frejafri, check out this post. We are also behind a fundraising charity drive hosted by @freedomtribe to raise money for Venuezualan children. Please click here to enter!

50SPII100SPII200II500SPII1000SP ♡♡♡

I will have to travel for more expensive, short term visas and find people to care for Ploi when I am gone. I have court approved sole legal custody, just not the visa to make that easy. They would prefer a boyfriend and a whole pile of cash in my bank LOL... It is what it is. Onward. Another trip to Laos in July will give me lots to write about, at the very least. x

The struggle you are facing is really hard, specially when it is something related to country laws, it is tough to deal with. I wish miracles in your life to make things easy and smooth for you @artemislives 💖💖🤗🤗

The big black dark hole! Always around the corner reading to reel you in when you dont have your own mental facts straight. Because it is true, with thinking differently and seeing it from another sight things will always turn up fine .(actually they are fine already)
When you forget the main things in life, (being healthy, having someone around you who loves you, and some food on the table) the black whole is even closer, but in the end those easy things are just all that we need.

We actually need so little - we just have to find that place that allows us perspective to find gratitude, and after that everything IS ok. Can't wait to see you for beer in Bangkok!! x

You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

If I get to have a beer in Bangkok with you two Dutchies, I might just burst into grateful tears.

We are also holding a raffle - if you'd like to win some beautiful art by @frejafri, check out this post. We are also behind a fundraising charity drive hosted by @freedomtribe to raise money for Venuezualan children. Please click here to enter!

50SPII100SPII200II500SPII1000SP ♡♡♡

If you get to Bangkok, we two Dutchies will BUY you a beer!! x

not sure what to say,

i woll go with

energy flows where our attention goes

You COULD say "my entry for the Happiness challenge is one small thing I can do.... and it's nearly finished. ;) " Yes, energy always flows where our attention goes.

I am smiling reading this comment :)

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@artemislives You are so dead right on perspective and gratitude. There may be no more important tools in life that those two. I've said it many times...I could have my entire amount of material items taken away from me this very moment and through my known truth and awakening in life I could find happiness to be alive in this current human experience. You type such great known leanings my friend. We don't always know how each day will turn out, but one thing to know is that for those that are in tune and leading a purpose driven life - - - we will always find the way. It's just the natural law of the universe. YOU WILL always be taken care of because you are in tune with yourself and your purpose. Keep on being your beautiful, loving, full of light self ;-)

and the rockstar award goes to.... @artemislives.. if ever i met someone who can push through the most incredible challenges it is you.. you are truly an inspiration!

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Yep, service & gratitude - that reminds me of Buddha “giving is good at the beginning (when thinking about it), in the middle (when actually givin) and at the end (feeling that we have give)”. And fully agree Our attention draws our energy - without attention it won’t exist for us.

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