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RE: Celebrating Healing Plants - Issue # 4 - Fireweed (Epilobium Angustifolium)

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I am allergic, but we hand pick and dry them to sell to those in the states who what to benifit. My kids split the profits since they helped pick. We pick my hand.
Thanks for sharing all the benefits 💗


Interesting. I never knew there was a market for them. They are so abundant. I just enjoy there beauty and harvest for myself and family.

There really isn’t a high demand. But we have had a few people request them. So we only keep a few ounces on had. We are not selfish like a lot of the locals who take way more then they need.

It's nice to be able to harvest from the wild but it is definitely necessary to do it ethically so as not to diminish the supply. What other plants to you harvest where there is a market for them? I had never heard of the market for the fireweed.

Chaga but we don’t go out and be jerks about it like a lot of people.
When we pick the flowers we take only half, that way the bees still have flowers.
I have seen people strip fields of all flowers, just so they can make fireweed jelly. 🤢
We sell it by the ounce. We get maybe a two or three orders a year, not many. What we don’t sell we give to the birds.

Chaga is a big thing here too. It concerns me when people basically rape the wilds for profit. I do believe in harvesting in a sustainable fashion to supplement your income but not doing it driven by greed. Then the plants can't sustain themselves. How unfortunate folks would strip a whole field of the flowers, how do they figure they will reproduce themselves?

I agree, people should be doing it in a more sustainable way.
I don’t think people really care anymore, it’s all about the present with them. What they can get out of the earth right now.
Remind me of the berry rakes and how they destroyed thousands of berry bushes. I pick only by hand.

Oh ya, I remember the berry rakes! what a shame and for folks to have such disregard - not very in tune with nature!

Nope in tune with money

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