Did you get a small gift from DLine?

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Did you get a small gift from DLine?

DLine will be sending out STEEM/SBD to good users in Venezuela to help them get by. The funds are a gift, not a handout. They are meant to be used to lend a hand with everyday expenses.

This is not the main focus of DLine but a small pilot initiative by one of the Founders, @guiltyparties, using the funds that were originally meant for paying for witness servers or development. Due to dropping STEEM prices, this is no longer feasible and technical needs will be covered out of pocket. The funds the @guiltyparties witness generates will be powered down and go towards helping users in a place where a bit of STEEM can still buy a jug of milk.

This initiative manually verifies all users by reading their posts and analysing their transactions. It focuses on users who are not part of large curation projects/trails and are not getting rewarded for their contributions to the Steem ecosystem. It also does not look at whether their content is excellent or if they're "doing a lot for Steem" but whether they are genuine and whether even this small token of appreciation can give them a hand.

Due to extremely limited funds, this initiative is only focusing on Venezuela and not accepting nominations. Using the funds for bid bots and similar will lead to a restructuring of the initiative if discovered.

DLine enviará STEEM / SBD a buenos usuarios en Venezuela para ayudarlos a sobrevivir. Los fondos son un regalo, no un folleto. Están destinados a ser usados ​​para echar una mano con los gastos diarios.

Este no es el enfoque principal de DLine, sino un pequeño proyecto piloto realizado por uno de los Fundadores, @guiltyparties, que utiliza los fondos que originalmente estaban destinados al pago de servidores testigos o desarrollo. Debido a la caída de los precios del STEEM, esto ya no es factible y las necesidades técnicas se cubrirán de su bolsillo. Los fondos que genere el testigo se destinarán a ayudar a los usuarios en un lugar donde un poco de STEEM aún puede comprar una jarra de leche.

Esta iniciativa verifica manualmente a todos los usuarios leyendo sus publicaciones y analizando sus transacciones. Se enfoca en usuarios que no son parte de grandes proyectos / senderos de curación y que no son recompensados ​​por sus contribuciones al ecosistema Steem. Tampoco considera si su contenido es excelente o si "están haciendo mucho por Steem", sino si son genuinos y si incluso esta pequeña muestra de agradecimiento puede darles una mano.

Debido a los fondos extremadamente limitados, esta iniciativa solo se enfoca en Venezuela y no acepta nominaciones.

Please forgive the poor use of Google Translate.

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Hi @dline
This is very nice Initiative to help people. Thanks for doing great work.

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Than you kindly.

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I love this initiative and I highlight this.

not accepting nominations

When it comes to helping or delegating something important it is always good to do the work yourself, to put the same dedication properly to look for, analyze and investigate who really goes the support and who needs it without having to be through a conglomerate.

Many successes!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of my Venezuelan brothers.

Exactly. Going by other people's word doesn't work well and those who don't have friends get left behind, which beats the point.

Or sometimes they promise something to help them get delegations or steem and in the end only few people benefit. So the secret and success of your initiative is that, look for yourselves.

Saludos @dline

Gracias por el apoyo a los venezolanos.

Thanks for the thanks buddy 👍

Muy buena iniciativa y me encanta que no sea en base a otros proyectos, así pueden tener visibilidad los nuevos usuarios y los antiguos que por mala suerte no reciben el reconocimientos que merecen antes de abandonar la plataforma, un saludo y mucha suerte.

Thanks, we're hoping to offer that encouragement that they need.

Thank you very much, I do not know if I was worthy of it. but I thank you infinitely

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You are welcome.

Thanks you

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Please forgive the poor use of Google Translate.

😂 Yeah google sucks at translations, if you want i can help you with any translation into spanish you may need in this awesome project!

Thank you so much for doing this!!!

At the exchange rate right now 1 steem buys 1 piece of bread in here, but since our legal minimum wage is currently only 4$ a month, every steem helps, so thank you so so much for taking into consideration the people from my country to do this!

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Thanks for the information Victoria and if I put out another post I'll ask you for help.

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Buen día @dline gracias por tomar en cuenta a todos los venezolanos que hacemos vida en esta plataforma.

Thanks 👍

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Gracias y es una maravillosa iniciativa, que Dios te siga bendiciendo y llenando de sabiduría. Gracias por tu solidaridad para con nosotros los Venezolanos.

Muchas gracias por el aporte que me hiso a mi cuenta steem, fue una gran bendicion para mi porque estaba pasando por una necesidad muy grande, que Dios le bendiga!!

Perhaps you can have a look at what @gertu writes. A great writer, active Steemian but our circle is too small to make her be seen/noticed. 🙁

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Buen dia @dline , Super agradecida por tu ayuda hacía nosotros los venezolanos. <3

Les deseo muchos éxitos por esta gran iniciativa.

You're welcome Erika.