What Trump Is About To Do With The Banks Is Not What You Think - Episode 1305a

in economy •  10 months ago

Sears might be closing down their stores in Canada. Kellogg's is laying off more employees than originally thought. Today in America there are only 35% businesses that are not profitable. 40% young adults are living with their parents. Retail store closures have skyrocketed to over 286%.Consumer price index has surged. Goldman has started covering bitcoin. Russia has met with the developer of Ethereum they are thinking about using block chain technology in their currency. Trump lays out plan to overhaul the banking regulation, this is to allow the banks bury themselves. Trump met with Yellen and he is using reverse psychology asking for rates to go lower.

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I listen every day. Keep fighting Dave!

This is going to be great!

Excellent post, Dave woke me up about two years ago with his great work, I just wrote an article on Google and how they're censoring the damage being caused by vaccines, can you all please have a look, up vote and resteem.

Google = 666


VERY interesting theory...Sounds like a great time to get into Ethereum, but Gold and Silver still has top dog value in my book.
as always another great report!

I believe it! We just had another restaurant close that was packed every single night. Note on the door said..."Due to rising costs..." Blam! Gone. Workers showed up in uniforms were not informed at all.

Long time follower and I love the info that is put forth. As layoffs continue stocks go up and its about the rich getting more on our backs.

There always seems to be a delay between when you upload your vids and when you upload your podcasts

quit stating the truth and start falling in line with fake economic news.

Интересным было ваше освещение Goldman Sachs и их участие в биткойне.

The transference of wealth to the oligarchs sucks the life out of most people's wallets. 20 years of credit card cash is now catching up and no one can spend any more. Really, only A Jubilee could correct this because​ it's so out of control.

A thousand, thousand thank yous, Dave ..... I owe a great deal of my present sanity to the information you provide.
By the way, you have a typo in your covering note, "only 35% of businesses are profitable" you have typed " 35% of businesses are not profitable" .
Luv u

After losing my $50k+/yr career and one year of looking in 4 different states I finally got a $10/hr job offer from CVS - "full time" = 30 hrs / week. Shoot me.

Thank you for your ongoing research and efforts Dave @x22report.

Your coverage of Goldman Sachs and their involement with bitcoin was interesting. Even more interesting was the discussion about Russian plans for Ethereum.

It got me thinking that perhaps I could appeal to you to consider lending your support to a related petition that I and my Australian countrymen are attempting to promote. We are trying to introduce AUD denominated bitcoin card support and need exposure.

Please consider the petition here and resteeming my petition post here.

Even better would be a mention of our efforts in your next financial report! An audacious request perhaps, but you may see some value in it.

Thank you for lending your support to our debanking cause Dave! As you say in this report "there is value in cryptocurrencies". Let's act!


Fuck that's real news.

perhaps ok. Kellogg was a U genesis (too lazy to look up the spelling)
whats the connection to cereal....and circumsision..????

I think the fed is terrified of the rise of the cryptos
Holding the price of gold and silver down now seems a pointless task when the cryptos are sky rocketing

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Hi Dave, For past 2 months, I can see that you are moving towards Trump. I thought you were anti trump. Now you changed from his actions I believe, You always mention that Action will decide.

Hope Trump will bring the truth and unity to people . Good work Dave.