The IMF Says The Block Chain Could Displace The Fractional Banking Model - Episode 1391a

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ISM survey reports that manufacturing is doing better than ever. But we have seen this before after a major hurricane. This is the worst year from construction spending.

The market might crash this October. The IMF reports that the block chain technology might make banks obsolete.


It will indeed! Thanks for posting :)

I want to see Bankers outside the bank protesting bitcoin saying " Bitcoin took my Job " their criminal enterprise is on its last legs blockbuster is the destiny of big banks

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Stock market is going to crash, period.
When will be the question, but you know it's coming soon.
And I will say this, it will happen in a single day and trickle downward in a short time.
Housing market is crumbling, look at all the forclosures, crypto has and is putting a big dent in the currency wars, they need to figure out just what to do and the blockchain is what has made crypto market real.
They may want to manipulate the blockchain, but I don't think they can do it.
But I will say this, don't be a fool, and jump
All on board with crypto but buy silver and gold also.
Even if they outlaw all of them, gold and silver will hold real value, and who knows, as I said before, they may come out with a gold backed crypto or just back the currency now with silver and gold like it used to be.
Just my opinion but one that I believe makes more sense, be your own bank, keep you money out of the banks.

The banks are going to fall but not until Trump wants it to happen. So basically anytime in the next 3 years it will happen. So buy crypto and store some silver with a month supply of food. I rather have it and not need it the need it and not have it.

Thanks for the informative post!

Then it's time to take out you're money out of the bank before they declare a bank holiday... I my opinion its not going to happen, bank and other financial institution will going to adopt the blockchain to keep them in pace. They wont go against it. The only one I am sure was, blockchain w

Former bank employee here. I took all of my money out of the bank and pay all of my bills using my overdraft. I then make a cash deposit to pay the bank back at the end of the month. I've been doing it for almost a year.

Seriously you can operate that way, they let you?

Yep, let me also point out that when you deposit money into the bank, IT no longer belongs to you and the bank is in no way obligated to give it back.

What's the implication of this to your credit score?

Shouldn't have any impact as long as you make all of your payments on time.

In the mall of bankster a fall will come from exactly where they have placed their trust. Defenders of this crime will tell more of this crime friends of friends mothers will sell the unmentionable.

Why wouldn't a giant crash come again when the top 1% made SO MUCH MONEY on the last crash? Seriously, they are already dismantling the laws that were put in place after the last crash. Bank in the front, party-time casino in the back. I saw the crash of 2008 coming in 2007 with every other TV show about "flipping this house!" and sure enough while the entire economy crashed, housing costs really didn't change. Bubble-bust-bubble-bust = good for the billionaires..... and now, good for cryptocurrencies.

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Banks Obsolete??? Jesus Christ!!!

yes, banks will be obsolete! great news! thanks for sharing

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