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It's time for a reality check

Wow! I had to listen to this video twice.

More than ever people need to get as far away from the dollar as possible. Keep stacking! Thanks for another great report!

Fake news calling you guys fake news ⁉️So childish ❗️You two have more integrity in your toe nails then they have in their entire bodies , and I mean all of them put together ❗️We love ❤️ you guys , and don't ever forget that ❗️You are some of the greatest AMERICANS I know❗️And Dave I'm gonna be sending you videos of some very interesting stuff going on in northern Illinois where there are abandoned stores and malls at just about every other block . I'm just waiting to upgrade my equipment to do so , cuz what I have is not compatible , but hopefully I'll be able to go to your web site and download these images for you as I'm trying to get my own internet reporting site going . And what I really want to do is be an independent reporter for all alternative media sites , so you will be more then welcomed to use them as you see fit . Thanks again , great show👏👍🏼❗️

How many old dollars will it take you to get 100 CENTS...???

... $7.77 ... ... 1 Vote ... ... Reset

I caught an interview a few years ago with Bill Holter, I listen to you and acted my family and my extended family at least know that there forces out there that we have no control over. We paid off our house, laid in silver (for insurance), put in 2 years worth of food, built an urban garden that last year we got 70 quarts of tomato sauce (hardly nothing this year) laid in all the canning supplies bought two pressure caners and three bath caners and we bought forever lids, installed a wood stove (I live Upstate New York) and I just got into Cryptos (can't do everything at once). I was a range NCO in the army so we already had our AR's for the whole family but I did lay on a-lot more ammunition it may be valuable one day. I hear people say this guy keep saying the same thing over and over and nothing bad ever happens well I say this if he wakes even one person up like me I consider that a blessing. We did all this because we had a heads up and I thank you.