Food Crises are already showing up

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The recent decision of the Indian government to stop Wheat exports have been affecting many small Countries who have been dependent on them for their Wheat supply. Due to its climatic conditions and the limited resources Oman does not have a 100% wheat production of its own through which it can sustain so it has to export from its neighboring countries. Not only wheat but Oman exports a lot of food stuff, and even during Covid times there were times when there was food shortage and the prices went up for basic items.

Since India has stopped its exports, now Oman will be exporting Wheat from Australia and Argentina which will be much more expensive and this cost will be passed on to the end consumer hiking up the prices. This is not one case of Oman but worldwide the problem is there. It can just be the beginning of another Pandemic. The Food pandemic.


The prices of Fuel are shooting up, Cooking Oil prices have gone up. These are some basic day to day commodities where you have no way to cut it out completely and you will need them. Oman fuel prices are comparatively much lesser than India but still it has doubled in the last 5 years and it keeps going higher and higher.

Sri Lanka is going through major economic crises where people have lost their purchasing power completely and possibly all the small Countries can land up in a similar situation. Specially Countries which do not have local production and heavily rely on exports. The cost is drastically going up.

One of my clients who is into manufacturing of metal cans, they have been complaining about the freight and shipping charges steeply rising. Unavailability of raw materials on time is impacting their production. It is just not about the Food; every single commodity is impacted with the economic crises. A middle man's income is just not enough to even suffice for the basic needs. There are some Countries who will take advantage of this situation and further suppress the third world nations. Big corporations will destroy the small-time businesses making life more difficult for them.

The Covid was just the beginning, we will be seeing many more crises in the future.

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The crisis has already begun in Sri Lanka. We are into hyperinflation, and consumer products are increasing every day by an unbelievable percentages. We already have a shortage of fuel and gas. The future seems extremely dark here.

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