Do you have your WD-40 ready? The Robots are coming to take our Jobs!

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Do you have your WD-40 ready? In the next 10 years 80% of our jobs will be replaced by robots, according to Oxford Handbook of Skills and Training by Stuart Elliot. Yes this is staggering. It is estimated that 80% of the global jobs will be replaced by robots. We all are aware of robots in certain industries. One of the first was in the car industry.

Now they have them for flipping your hamburgers.

How about driver less cars and trucks?

How about going to Dubai and flying to your next appointment without a pilot!

Hey, no problem I am a poll dancer or an escort. My job is safe. Think again

The world is passing us by at lightning speed. This is why we are starting to hear chatter about having a "Universal Income". The powers to be know that this is coming. Mankind has been outsourced. Eventually we will no longer be needed for their corporate products (you know, toothpaste, shampoo, Jello, paper towels). They will just switch to developing products that the robots will need and or consume. Perhaps by that time we will all be turned into Soylent Green.


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There's source material for a great novel in this.

A robot and/or AI could certainly do my job, I often fell like a drone at work.

I am a research scientist and if I wrote what I really knew there would be sheer panic. Events are really going to be picking up speed in the next 5 to 10 years. I am afraid the general population will not be ready for what is coming

I have imagined the same things, but it's clearly out government will do somethings to stop robot domination.

Good read. Gave it an upvote and resteemed because this needs to get out since this will become a reality,sad to say.
Of course there are positive & negatives to robots,same with basic income. Ubi will be needed once A.I takes over. Might be sooner then 10yrs though. Who knows, tech will ruin us all. It's bad enough we have generations that are constantly glued to a electronic screen.

Exactly. I also believe this will happen before 10 years. I guarantee that the majority of the world has no idea this is coming. I am positioning myself to try and be the 20% that a robot can not replace. I have been a research scientist for the past 13 years

Resteemed followed all and upvoted

At this point, singularity is inevitable in the short term future. Excellent post, I loved the Soylent Green reference!

Thank You. I figured the Soylent Green reference would only be gotten by people around in the 1970's. It was a movie way ahead of it's time.