Where Will The Next Crisis Come From?

in economy •  3 months ago

It is a decade since the last financial crisis. Since that time, the global economy saw a number of shock waves, none of which derailed it.

There was the stand-off between the U.S and N. Korea. We also had the Fed reversing the easing program.

The challenge with watching the economy and markets is to determine what shockwaves will set things in motion. Hence it is important to review where we are compared to a decade ago. There are a number of factors that make the economy better able to withstand shocks to the system.

All is not rosy though since there are also a few things that are worse than 10 years ago.

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The economic crisis always start Housing sector and if not address on time it can take the whole world economy into deep trouble.


Indeed the housing sector, but also in the coming year or two car companies can get a big hit. We think this, because of students loaning to much money, buy an expensive car, but can´t find a good enough job to pay it back.

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