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in economy •  last year

I'm about to leave for work but I wanted to share some thoughts and raise some questions about how we can grow the Steem economic infrastructure moving forward so that can last for years to come. I would encourage you to check out my video blog t and share your feedback with me.

The views expressed on this video blog are not intended to be interpreted as investment advice. Always do your own due diligence and contact a financial adviser before making investment decisions.

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Have a great day! :)

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Cool video, enjoyed it!
I'm pretty new to steemit but I've been thinking about similar things.
It is a system prime for a craigslist/ebay type marketplace.
Escrow is builtin to the system already so that part is done.
Trusted users can be arbitrators of transactions.
Have you checked out the steemgigs tag?
Some cool stuff going on there, people buying and selling their services.


I think people are dying to get off Fiver and find something better and more open.


I think there is a growing desire to build a better future for ourselves that enables us to experience economic freedom as the highest level possible, @birdinc


Thanks @adept
I appreciate your comments on my video blog!
I can't say that I've heard about that but I will definitely check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

Very good video! I think staying focused and working hard here on this platform as well as purchasing more Steem as we can fit in our budget would be a great plan.


I think you're in the right track, @suziescorner
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my video blog! :)

Great video!

Upvote and resteem :)


Wow! Thank you very much, @rtdcs

Great video! Agreed, we need to see Steem gain more strength by being more commonly transacted and by being able to consume products with it on a daily basis. One way that I think we will be able to do this moving forward is through another crypto that is not on the market yet called Plutons. This enables users to instantly make transactions with pluton coins on their phone through the tap and pay system. It can therefore be used in stores, and can be exchanged for bitcoin, and therefore steem. I think if we could do this (maybe even directly) with steem, that would make a huge impact on the usability of steem in our day-to-day lives. Have you heard about Plutons?


Thank you for your nice comment about my video! You make some valid points regarding Steem and the need for it to gain strength in everyday commerce. I can't say that I've heard of Plutons but I will certainly check it out and see what it's all about it. It sounds rather interesting. Thanks for sharing, @natashahall

I am also interested in buying and selling using Steem. I hope to see more things offered for sale in posts. I may also experiment with that.

Question: If someone who had a good reputation on Steemit made a post offering a physical item you wanted for sale, would you buy it with STEEM and trust them to send it to you?


Yes it is something that is quite interesting and I am curious to see how things would progress in that way.
I think their reputation would influence my decision in the same way that it would on ebay or some other site. That's a really good question, by the way. @matthewdavid

Very nice post good video thanx for sharing


You're welcome and I really appreciate your comment too, @nomi2233