To have children before there's a regular job? Or wait ...? (Opinion)

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In Israeli reality, living as a student with a wife in a small apartment(45 square meters) is very expensive!


How expensive?

In order to BUY an apartment in Israel - not prestigious, just average one.
You have to work a lot. How much? 150 Average median salaries in order to buy an average apartment.

The price of cars in Israel is two to three times higher than in the Western world, such as the US or Europe.

The price of fuel in Israel is also expensive is 3 times more expensive!

If the average wage in Israel is NIS 10,000 per employee.
In practice, only a relatively small portion earns NIS 10,000 ($ 2,870) per month.

The Ynet website shows us a slightly different picture:
Prof. Eyal Kimhi:

The average wage parameter is an important parameter, but not the only parameter.
It is very easy to cheat the "average" wage because if the wage of people in the higher class increases, the average wage will also rise, which does not show a better wage distribution to those who earn less.

This does not necessarily indicate a good thing that has happened in the Israeli labor market.

Another pay parameter that can be thought of is, of course, the median wage.

At least the direction is a positive direction.

Stop crying, there are also cheap things in relation to developed countries:

the price of studies in Israel at a good university is a NIS 13,000 (3700$) a year for studies only, for a living if we assume that you live with your wife and buy yourself things and rent apartment( for a married couple).
It comes out 19k USD,

19k+3.7k*2=25.4k USD for living and study for a married couple.

Most students will not pay for their studies at all because they will receive scholarships.
For scholarships, you have to volunteer for about 130 hours a year.

In the US the price of education is much higher !!!
above 40$k a year!(without living) and above 60k USD with living.

In this figure, we bypass many countries around the world.

After all the calculations we have made, can a married couple who are during their studies can have a child?(Without taking their parents every penny?)
A child will raise the average of living by almost $ 1,100 a month, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

It is known that every child brings blessing.
But I'm not going to abuse my child financially before I graduate.

the common solution.

The first thing, of course, is to live in areas of the periphery.
The living is cheaper, the apartments are cheaper.

What about studying?

One learns and one work. Otherwise, the reality is impossible for most people.

Have children?

It can wait after the university degree, the kids are not going anywhere.

What do you think?

How does it work in your country? That interests me very much!

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by @marinaart

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I think is typical problem for all the world... 😊


yes, it is a life definition, that we just not life but we need to move and act then responded.


Dude, forget kids man, just party and hook up with chicks and go to bars and pump weights.

נשמע מאוד מקצועי. רק שהחיים הם מה שקורה בזמן שעושים תוכניות

Its the same problem here. My wife and I spoke about it and we didn't want to wait too long (we were 26 and now 32) so I managed to snag a good deal for a house and we had our first child. It was not easy. I was studying for my masters, working a day job and a side job. However, it all ended up pretty alright, as time goes by, your pay increases and you will find ways to mitigate the financial strain. We now have two beautiful girls and a home. The price of houses have gone up exponentially and if we were to have waited one more year, we would not have been able to afford it.

I guess my advice on this, from a fellow steemian to another is... pray or follow your gut then hustle. There's no best time to act more often than naught.. is now.

Yes, Perfect

Have children?
It can wait for the university degree; the kids are not going anywhere.

Every couple must do a well-structured child plan

Though In my country living cost is less,

But One must be well prepared to take responsibilities of a child regarding financially and mentally as well


Yeah, being prepared financially and mentally is really important. It can be really hard mentally if you're focusing on finishing you studies. A child would bring too many distractions and challenges to perform well in the university.


Yes, and it will take 1/2 of your effort and time that you could use focusing on Education and financial stability.


Indeed. Finishing studies first would be a good idea, then of course getting financially stable as well!

No, do not have kids before you have a steady job. It is not that it is impossible but it will make life more difficult by a factor of x10

I am @junsusukhairi living in the country of Indonesia, where to my birth in Aceh the education is very important.Kami children focus to study and parents who will finance our education until graduation. So we just need to learn. After the tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004, we have gained special authority both from domestic and abroad. for the education of Aceh children will be free and given scholarship until graduation. Although the standard of education in Aceh is standard when compared with other countries, we as children are very grateful to the government, with free education and scholarship fees we can relieve the burden of our parents for school fees. We are prosperous even though very simple, our parents are mostly farmers and fishermen but we never starve. parents here are very fond of his children and the children here are very respectful of parents, it is in accordance with religious teachings that we believe. I am very grateful to be born of a good parent, a good place to live, and the cost of life disinipun very affordable. Sometimes I feel the kadians to the kids out there who are simply wasted by their parents and forcibly have to work before they grow up, and I cry every time I see them. I am very grateful to God because the children in Aceh have never felt so suffered, In fact we here can live safely, peacefully and equally peaceful. forgive me if I am late to comment @amiramnoam, I hope you have a chance to read my comments in your post.


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Education in my country is cheaper than what you have stated. Thank you for the post it is really helpful.

Super. Write your feedback if you like. Looking for new friends. Let's be friends!!!

excellent @amiramnoam can you help me to develop my account

Ahh, definitely no need to rush in such situation. There would be many lifestyle changes that would probably make it harder to study. All those slepless nights because of a baby crying all night. The level of focus and concentration would definitely reduce when it comes to performance in the university.
Like I've said, no need to rush something as big as this.

thank you for sharing this very good info my friend .. i am very much awaited attention
people who are there .. hopefully they will all work enough to membiyayai his family .. thank you once again friend @amiramnoam

wow very nice excellent post

my opinion, not everyone can live easily around the edges, due to lower income in the suburbs, so is spending on his case is different in the Center, which has economic faster rounds even though spending is also great.
If we observe, we must do a side business and save money is the way to adjust this problem.
thanks @amiramnoam


The problem is that the jobs are mostly in the center, not the periphery. I aspire to start my own online business somehow. I teach English full-time in Jerusalem but it is not enough money.

@amiramnoam , i will prefer having a child before regular job because if you wait, you will be getting older and there is this joy you get seeing your child grow up while you are still young.

But are there schools in this place because children need schools and amusement parks?
Are there any elements of life for children?

excellent post sir...

love this post @amiramnoam upvoted & resteem


thank you friends have shared the post, may you success is always friends

Giving us an insight if Israeli culture is amazing..Brother you are doing great

I think its better to wait for a job first. Every child dreams of comfortable life, and once we have a job we can give our children all the comforts. And in turn children can proudly say, this is my mum/dad .

Indeed... Get a degree and be successful first before you settle down... You should think also about the consequences of your actions . It's not only for your own good but also for your children in the future. Don't live just for today but live for tomorrow. ☺️.

No need having kids while in university. I mean who would want to do that. In the part of the world where i am from, Education is expensive and you hardly get scholarship. Adding kids to the already pressing challenges is just unreasonable


Yes, if it's already quite challenging, there's no reason to make it even more challenging. The perfect time will come for everything.

Very good thank

Well, I think there are enough children on our planet. Let's take the responsibility of the existing ones instead of giving birth to new babies. There are many hungry, poor kids out there; adopting a kid looks like a better option. (In my humble opinion)

Children can wait. The reason is that they need to be sustained with resources that are basically are needed. We are talking about basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, shelter and medical. These can can only be catered for when your employed.

in my country if you are not earning enough you will not get a wife !
childrens are very far

In my opinion you have to work in base to have a house,car and get a solid
financial state after that you can think about have a wife and after that a child, in my case i just want to have a wife but not children because i think we are too many in this world and there are a lot of helpless children that need support and i prefer use money to help 30 childs than just one. Regards

wow..!!! wonderful jobe @amiramnoam . i like your post. it's really good post us. thanks for sharing post.

Nice post, thanks for sharing

Well what i notice is in Europe at least we all do university .. more or less...but many do with parents or getting shitty jobs which make studying even more hard...after you kinda have troubles finding a job...then if you have get a loan for 20 or more years ...i know you can even get for 30 years...can you imagine 30 years...uauu..put a child on top...and thats work till you at the end you enjoy your own house for 5 years..bcs well i can not imagine...a life of work is good for you..but humans still do it...over and over again

When I was in my early twenties, a friend of mine was the first person within my circle of friends to have a baby. I asked her what it was like.

"Dan, I'm going to tell you something, and you're going to say you understand. Hell, you may mean it, but you won't understand."
"Huh! What?"
"Once you have a baby, nothing in your life will -- ever -- be -- the -same."
"Yeah, I know what . . . "
"NO! You THINK you understand, but . . . trust me, you don't."

It is important to prepare financially before having a child to will not turn this grace into a curse..

My own take on this is that...... One should just pray to God for guidance. Because in my own country .......... Ladies will try and see that you are fit before any proposal of such but the leaders here are not helping .......... No future for young people so you decide on what to do when you fill like ........ Education here is hell too but just with carefulness you know what to do in the process of child bearing if any

I have been living here in Israel for seven years.I take medecines. The medical system is MUCH better and cheaper here than in the STATES where I am from. Dental care is rediculously expensive here. I haven't had any dentalcare at all here in six years.

I have been married for 5 years now and I have been a student ever since. I live in a country that is economically unstable. I have one child, and one due in 5 weeks. Some may say that it is not sensible and it will never work out. I found the right person at a young age. I don't believe in cohabitation before marriage. We either had to wait, or get married. We did, and let me tell you... I will not change it for anything in the world. We have a relationship that is beyond what any car, house, job or money could have bought. It has not been a plain sailing relationship by any stretch of the imagination, but the life skills and lessons we've learned are priceless. Things just worked out. If you both are willing to literally leave your heart on the table and work at it like you have never before, you can make it work. Our faith and commitment in God, and each other is what makes it work for us. Soon we will be qualified and earning big bucks. Our plan is to seek out people who are like we were, and help them. Humans are capable of a lot more than we think. Throw you in a tough situation, and you will most likely be able to make it work.

My suggestion is as follows:

  1. Discuss your plan with your spouse & decide how soon both of you would like to have a child. Consider the time & financial commitments needed.

  2. If you decide to proceed, start to set aside some money for the initial expenses. Inform both sets of parents of your plans & request for help if needed when you need it.

  3. Plan, Budget, Spend & Save.

In Singapore, young people face similar challenges to start their families:

  1. It is a challenge to get a house since prices are high and they are not easily available BUT many young people may start off by living with their parents to save money and to get support from their parents and their domestic helpers.

  2. Education is also expensive and competitive. There is a lot of competition for places in our universities from talented foreign students. University education is of a high quality. In fact, the National University of Singapore & the Nanyang Technological University are highly rated in Asia.

  3. Owning your own car is ridiculously expensive - more than 4 times as expensive in the developed world! BUT there is good quality public transport at reasonable costs - trains, buses, taxis & Uber.

Most young Singaporeans complete their studies & start work before they start their families. I believe the median age of getting married & starting families is 28 years.

I wish you all the best with your decisions. Life does not have a rule book.

It is great to have children when you are young enough to play with them but stress and studies would make that impossible. We expected to have kids right after marriage but it was seven years later. We didn't plan for that but found those seven years made us wise to take care of the children we have. Yes... they are a blessing and bearing the blessing is our responsibility so if we are not ready we need to wait but not too long.

Blessings and peace to you @amiramnoam

life too expensive :(

I don't think I've payed for anything beyond books and notebooks during my time as a student in my country. The quality of education might however be hurt by the fact that it is essentially state funded. Private schools here are the ones looked down upon as lower quality education on the other hand.

That's pretty good sum of salary. Imagine working here in the Philippines an average employee earn $5.00 a day. While the basic is based on USD since almost all product sold in the market are imported.

Children are a blessing, over here i have seen quite a number of persons who got married not because they are have the "regular" job nor the financial stability, but because they think it is time and are ready. So in a nutshell, to be mentally ready is not exactly a bad idea. Food, clothing and shelter will come mysteriously. Take the birds of the air and the lilies of the fields. I like your post though.

life while studying is something so temporary, i agree with you, one can live in a not to do well apartment and also not have kids for a mean time and wait till one can have a stable and decent job if necessary, otherwise the reality will continue to be impossible.

I personally feel its not a good idea to have a child while you are not earning or you are studying. In both these there is lot of financial instability and once you have children you can never really fix up the expenses, there are so many abrupt things that can come up. So better to be financially stable first with a fixed running income and then advisable to have a child

Awesome post...

Thank you. This is very interesting.

I live in South Africa and do not really know how to answer your question. Our society is plagued by a legacy of discrimination. And now we have very rich and very poor people. Unemployment is around 27% with it going up to 45% in some demographics.
Young girls fall pregnant to gain access to a government grant of around $20 a month. Primary school education is far under par but kids with substandard schooling now have access to university paid for by the government. This is affecting the value of a degree earned at a South African university.
As a result, private schools are exploding all over and the cost of it is exorbitant.
It is a bleak picture, making parenting a near unaffordable endeavour...

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In Vienna its great, with EU passport you can study free but renting apartments is cheap, I mean for 45m about 650euros plus other coasts, what means about 900 per mont if you live alone. But sistem here is treating studenst realy good!

Have children?
It can wait after the university degree, the kids are not going anywhere.

I think if dont have enough money to meet your monetary responsibilities, it is better to wait have a job before having kids. Anyhow @amirnoman nice post

It differs for every individual, and I've had friends who have gone both ways. But that can end up biting you in the end.

As an example, one of my friends had her kids really young, in her early twenties, even though her family was advising her to wait. In her early thirties, she had to have a complete hysterectomy, so thank God she didn't wait, or she wouldn't have had kids at all.

Another close friend chose, with her husband, to put their careers on the front burner, and delay having kids. When the time came, it turned out they couldn't have kids, no matter how hard they tried.

Would have been different had they tried earlier? There is no way of telling. Maybe yes; maybe no. As it was, they doted on their nieces, and enjoyed them perhaps more than they might have otherwise.

As for myself, I waited, and wound up not having kids at all, not because I couldn't, but because the man in my life whose children I wanted to have, didn't want to have children at all. C'est la vie.

My advice? Go with your gut. If your gut says to wait, then wait. If your gut says have them now, don't wait, then have them now.

Somehow, some way, it will all work out, no matter which road you choose. I wish many blessings for you, your wife, and your future children. Namaste.

All the problem mentioned here, it just take the best solution in kind to maintain it.

Great post thanks for sharing :)

It is difficult to bear expense as a student if he/she gets married. If they have a baby, the expenditure will increase.

It is better to have a baby after finishing academic studies, I think. If their parents can support them, only then it's ok.

i am a chinese, i work at oman,In the eyes of a friend i have a good job, but i have the same problem with you. maybe this is a world problem.

I can't even support myself. I'm never having