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What is Capitalism? Capitalism as a mode of production.

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I like what you said about the disconnection between consumers and the production process.

I also agree that propaganda only goes so far(I'm referring to the viral video concept you mentioned)

Here is my overall point. Making isolated agrarian towns will only go so far. Look at the tolstoy experiments in the UK. Sure they've lasted 100 years or so, the issue with them is their isolation. They never were affecting the super structure of society. I still support them in their efforts, but the idea will do nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Instead I look to examples like Fred Hampton and The Black Panther Party. While short lived comparatively speaking (mainly due to Fred Hamptons' assassination) the black panther party drastically affected the material conditions of the poor in the communities.

They set up food banks, they set up free health clinics, they had their own community self defense and United street gangs to end the street violence.

Which is why Fred Hampton was killed by the FBI.

I look at the whole "none participation" idea you're presenting as problematic for two reasons.

The first being that the option to opt out isn't available to the poor and working classes. The second being that it is extremely individually centered, I don't mean that individuality is bad, but rather that when individuals are considered only in isolation it's a purely egotistical trip that you're going on.

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