Buenas noches @acidyo. Muchas gracias por el apoyo .

Constant support for each other

Hi, friend

[WhereIn Android] (

Not prison, Heaven.

That's a bit dark, mate.

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

@acidyo , nice to see you are a bit active sir , we the minnows really missed you, i hope you revive decent memes soon and also if you need someone to work for you,am your guy...steem has really been dry without you sir

This place is a disgrace to proof of brain.

I believe there is a very interesting story behind the post which is very interesting. Great ups.

@acidyo. Muchas gracias por su apoyo.

@ acidyo, saludos amigo desde Venezuela. Te invito visitar mi blog

acidyo, Saludos amigo desde la distancia desde Venezuela, como esta usted, me preocupa, como no he visto su publicación, tampoco ha pasado por mi blog, como esta de salud. que dios los cuide,lo proteja le de mucha salud. hasta luego

Thank you very much for your votes, friend @acidyo! Greetings from Los Teques, Venezuela.

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