Easydex-MeMe-Gif's-Challenge-PinkDexDay-The Contest # 4 LONDON

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Image Source Creative Direction @boyerobert @johnskotts

Dear PinkSteemians,
Hope your having a Pinkallicious time on Steemit…Welcome Back...!!! To the Fourth, EasyDex-MeMe-Gif's-Challenge-PinkDexDay-The Contest # 4 In...LONDON Yes EasyDex Still on Tour PINK WODRL TOUR Wordl Awareness...

We finished with New York it was a beautiful experience and a great success...Link below:

Image Source: @boyerobert

Basically I made the meme & gif challenge as easy as possible, with a twist and tweet...find a image, drop in comments,with link of tweet,do add bitshare ID and followers on twitter...

MeMe Challenge


1.MeMe & Gif's Image must be of London and have Pink...
2.Post in Comments or Create post, choice is your...
3.Include BitShare ID and Meme or Gif...in comments...
4.Contest will end on this post pay out, or Rollovered for Bonus...
5.Gif's Allowed
6.TWIST BELOW Twitter:

The TWIST will be to just tweet your MEME

1.Add the EasyDex link that I provide...below to tweet
2.Also follow EasyDex and RT PIN Twitter link: plus add link and followers to comments as well...in doing so surprise reward will follow...I just love surprises...!!!
3.Tag a few (PINKERS)friends...
4.Use the tags #easydex #pbtoken


1st place. 15 PBtoken
2nd place. 10 PBtoken
3rd place. 5 PBtoken

Thank You to, KingWalrus @easydex, and QueenDuck @patelincho for believing in THE PINK STUFF all the members of all the community of the Dex Colonies, as for all crypto leaders, who see the light, and are helping us see it to.

Link: Easydex Wallet Register,
EasyDex Information Below.
Telegram: https://t.me/easydex.
Discord: https://discord.gg/JPva8DS.
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EasyDex/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyDexOfficial

Image Sourc: @leribyleri
Banner above came in first place, contest held by @steamdan ...link below
Banner Contest: Please check out all the beautiful banners. All can be used and are also available on discord, to spread awareness, it is a ket to the success of all...

Below are projects that are truly great. These great projects have embraced EasyDex and PinkDexDay in their servers/channels, please visit their servers as well as the eaaydex related channels/ PinkdexDay-Easydex rooms, you never know what lies ahead. Links Below:



The Man Cave



Free Steemit Lottery
Image Source:

Beyond Bitcoin Castellano

Hangouts: EasyDex
1.Coffee 'N Crypto
EasyDex community and is hosted by @chiefmappster on every Wednesday

2.EasyDex Pod Cast on every Friday
Hosted by @sirlunchthehost 1:00 pm PST & 4:00 pm EST. on discord; https://discord.gg/JPva8DS.

Fine Print/ Dis-Claimer
PinkDexDay- Isn't about making fun of any person, entities, or organizations, it’s clearly about having some fun, In a unfunny WORDL, EasyDex’s team is always available to provide knowledge and awareness, to the Blockchain Sphere for all… In a very Serious and Professional manner, with a Twist of Pink…The Team’s Vision is very clear, Serious, and Dedicated to making this happen…We’re just being EasyDexing, expressing the (DEX), PBToken to the WORDL, The Easydex Exchange…Dedicated to Educating a movement to heal/cure the WORDL(HODL)…and takes full Responsibility for the PINK


I've never been to London ... so I can not use a self made photo, but I will try to enter this contest

you better...do as you wish honey...all the best...hoping all is well with you...ciao for now...

What cool contest! Good luck to everyone!

Thank you for the coolness all the time. Keep up the great work...waiting for a contest...you have great contest. You are like my contest master. Just bugging hun...enjoy the weekend.

link to my tweet

link to my post on steemit

easydexmeme london.jpg

Bts username : hetty-rowan

I hope I did well.
My entry: https://twitter.com/arevalomariana/status/1023060174012071936
I followed them and gave RT to the fixed tweet.
I shared the link.
My followers: 1003
My BTS: mariana4ve

easydex challenge.png

You did amazing like always. Thank you for your participation in the meme challenge London’s. Until our next destination...surprise

awesome! m on it already i mean after this post thnx mentioning @johnskotts :) <3

i thank you...

Amazing contest John, thank you for giving us chance to win some extra PB's :)
Here is my entry, lets sail to the moon! <3
I have also tweet my entry, here it is :D

thank you brother, you are awesome as always...one love brother

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Schermafbeelding 2018-07-27 om 03.39.53.png i get all my software via bean btw, here he is spotted in linden

That is a beautiful paint job...thank you and I hope you enjoy your ride...be good and safe...yes I know it’s hot up there. 32 degrees

Loving these competitions dude! Get me some photoshop skills and Im in ;)))

anytime...you have my numbers...thank you for the lovely words...

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3< I’m just mirrored you...thank you, always lovely to see you...be safe abs enjoy the weekend.

Thank you hun...always appreciate it...

Genial, suerte a los participantes!

Hola and thank you so much for your support. Always you are always there...kisses and hugs.

Hi @johnskotts , when are you going to give the results of the contest?

hi...i will be rolling it over for another week...

Your amazing. It’s aoways nice to see you...loving your work. I really enjoy you at the Whaleshare show. Very cute. Thank you and good luck.

Here’s to you brother. Thank you...

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