Fertile growth

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Good morning, friend steemit
On the occasion of this afternoon I had the chance to write a field that I lived during my activities.

.This is a photo a few days ago that had not yet been posted to Steemit, and it was step by step step today that I had written down one of the fertility mentioned by nature through the hands of Man. the age of this rice is more or less 18 days after seeding through sowing seeds but day by day increasing growth in the life of the seed.
As with our growth, what if Nikita always deliberates and fills with each other where lacks and strengths fill each other where the emptiness needs to be placed in this life. but what if we dwarf each other dwarfed must also be like plants will become bonsai that never grows farther but gets smaller and arid. thank you for the depth of digestive language that you can understand. in steemit @faisalwrci


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