I love myself!

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I Love myself...

I think that when one steps into the reality of loving oneself then nothing else but loving matters!

I have lit the flame of self-love in my heart- I know what love is and my moments with myself is nothing less than divine. I walk consciously with the Goddess in me facing all with love in my heart and reverence in my soul. In my mind, I see the awakening of the Goddess in me and I find inspiration from what I see in my imagination.

What I feed my mind and how I exercise it, what I feed my body and how I exercise it and what I feed my Spirit as spiritual food and how I exercise it - has awakened me to embrace my 3 bodies as goddesses- walking with me on this journey of life.

They make my feet run to Nature-everyday, if my heart so pleases –to dance and absorb energy from our Mother-to nurture me and protect me as I, their child walk my path on Earth.

That Path becomes my story, my dance - of standing on my head and staring in the Sun, of painting pictures to preserve the ancient wisdom, of chanting all to love, of spinning energies into rhythms of love and creations!
This path we all walk as a story of love, unconditional loving and the way of how I found love in my heart firstly for myself and then to radiate it to all those around me.
Thank you dear heart for loving me...unconditionally!
Can you look into your eyes and see the love pouring from your heart?
If you do not love yourself, then I am sorry to say: you might not know what love is...yet

Be brave and tell me in a comment 5 things you love about yourself?
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This is very truthful and I discovered this in myself.

Five Things I Love About Myself

  1. I love my commitment to self discovery
  2. I love the way that through my own journey I have learned to love others unconditionally.
  3. I love that I am an empath and am able to hold a space for others without being triggered by their pain.
  4. I love my commitment to being transparent.
  5. I love my inner strength, courage and wisdom.

wow! I cant help to say this, but I love you! thank you for your love filled words! Its a pleasure to meet you!
Sending you a big love filled hug from Africa!

I feel the same beauty! You are inspiring. I am in the USA North Carolina.

I am from the South of Africa in a town called East London! have you been to Africa?

I haven't. Would love to someday.

wow...here goes 5 things I love about myself:

  1. I love my legs for dancing me through life
  2. I love my body for the fitness and capableness it gifts me
  3. I love my home that is filled with everything I love
  4. I love my children - how they look at me and think: wow!
  5. I love my attitude- of always finding the light in every situation
    and lastly I love how I cant sit still when good music is playing
    and I love my choice in husband - he who loves me so gently

Beautiful Nomvula! I upvoted you! <3 And I Love You!

ahh dear Lila- saw you in my meditation today. you and Dakota were whirls of winds that passed through my being...I love you too!
Tell us 5 things you love about yourself? And I will tell you 5 things I love about you!

@nomvula upvoted

thank you Lays

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