A Winter Superhero Morning Ritual!

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BE the Blessing of the Day. BE the Gift of the Day.

Why are we here, if not to exalt and become more Love?

Art by Eric Nez

What do you do in the morning that consciously sets the stage for your day? A cup of coffee is not exactly the ritual I'm speaking about. Even in the winter, we can RISE up and SHINE our LIGHT!

Ever notice the grey humans, unhappy grumpy humans... if we are unaware and join the day without focused intention, we may pick up on these depleted toxic vibrations without knowing it. Remember we share a morphogenic field of awareness. Let's ensure we are providing Light and Awareness to all that encounter our field, and know that all glimmers of hope and Love are remembered.

Today I share one example of a morning routine that facilitates us to radiate and amplify our LIGHT and GIFTS into the World for the benefit of all beings.

When you enter the world each day, when you awaken NEW, and set the tone and energy for your day, what do you tune into? What intentions do you set? How are you consciously choosing LOVE?

Like an instrument that is tuned before playing, ( you probably wouldn't bother playing an our of tune guitar) how are we tuning our bodies, spirits, and minds each new day? Like a bath for the body, what else might we do to set the day in motion for success and Joy, have the confidence to conquer any challenge, and the self-love to know we are worth all the Love, all the magic, and not only worth it, but creating and channeling it!

Today I share with you one morning ritual way to play. These are simple things that I feel can make ALL the difference in your day being met with grace, ease, and aligned energies of Love.

Best Day Every Yet!

When we awake, my partner and I check in and presence each other with kisses and eye contact. We snugglez love, purr and cuddle. He says to me, "Best Day Every Yet?!" and I reply "Best Day Ever Yet!!"

Aloria Weaver, Eric Nez, David Heskin

Being Before Doing

Next, the first "doings" are the "being" of meditation. I take about 10 minutes to breathe Love, and presence the opening of the self to God. This is shorter, because in the next activities and yoga.... I am still in mediation. And I make space for God/Source/Love to fill me, to inhabit my this body temple, heart, soul, and mind in pure non-doing opening.

Set the Tone with Uplifting/Devotional Music

Next, once out of bed, I play a spiritual songlist of either Kirtan devotional music like Prem Deval or Snatam Kaur, or something joyful and inspiring like Trevor Hall's "Brand New Day" and Nahko Bear.

Temple Reset

As the music plays, we sing, tone and clear the energy in the space - reset the "temple". I may sage the space - if I didn't do it the night before, sweep, and tidy, open the curtains, and spin joy into the space so our environment is clear and refreshed! The counters are clean, the dishes are washed, the bed is made and the energy is clear and clean, and we're ready to make it a Superhero day!

Apple Cider Vinegar or Warm Lemon Water

Next is alkalizing the body. I like to drink lemon water or ACV in water. I also do a saltwater mouth rinse/brush teeth and tongue. Warm lemon water is great for hydrating the body, cleaning the kidneys, and waking up your crystalline light body. Waking up and drinking coffee is really a death cocktail. The bodily is immediately acidified. (remember it takes 8 cups of alkaline (not tap water) to balance one cup of coffee) Health is alkaline. I prefer mate or green tea if I want a little brain activator. Green juice is a great starter, though I like to practice yoga on an empty stomach.

Art by Eric Nez


Next I get on the yoga mat, and tune the body/mind/spirit. Yoga is a practice of aligning, yoking, bringing all bodies into balance. Practicing yoga awakens and balances the chakra energy centers. I often feel crunchy or unbalanced parts when I wake up. I spend time breathing and presencing with each body part, muscle group, and energy line. I open the tight parts, strengthen the major muscles, twist and turn - opening the spine, and get into the organs.

I breathe and visualize a rainbow egg of conscious Love surrounding and protecting me from any non-me or lower vibrational energies. I breathe, open my heart, and ground into the Earth, center my awareness and open to the energies of the divine to breathe me, move me, show me the actions that serve the health and upliftment of all of humanity. I will soon share a short 20 minute yoga practice.

Simon Haiduk, David Heskin

A Walk

Next, I love to take a walk in the woods. We are lucky to have this in the backyard. In general, anywhere where you can connect with green things, nature and not be on pavement. Nature is sentient, our teacher, and can share with us refreshing Truths when we create space to listen.

As we walk, we ground out our energy, pull vital negative ions from the Earth, and tune to the Schumann Earth frequency. When it's warm out, I will do the yoga outside and walk barefoot. We tune to the elements, feel the weather, enjoy the sunshine or notice what's changing with the weather and seasons. We talk about the successes and excitements of the day, feeling super motivated and ready to rock it.

Ready to Rock the Day

Now, the body is open, the mind is clear, the energies our balanced and grounded and vitality surges in my being. I AM ready to BE the LOVE, and bring Love and blessings to the world.

I like to change up this routine with the seasons, and never feel like I have to do anything. Rather I choose what feels most life giving, healthy and fun. Somedays, we turn on upbeat music and dance our prayers and intentions into the morning.

More SuperHeros!! Yes Please. I feel very strongly about this topic. How many people do you encounter that feel grey or like walking zombies, or seem to carry an energy that you can viscerally feel embodies pain and suffering.

If we are unaware of what energy we are bringing to the day, it is much easier to pick up others energy fields.

TO Radiating more of the Best of you and us into the World.
If we don't carry the LIGHT, who will!?

How do you set the stage for magic in your life for yourself and the world?

I LOVE YOU, Lila*Star


Thank you SiStar!!!! This is soooo lovely and Soul nourishing. I will be making some alterations & improvements in my daily routine starting today <333

Bright Blessings & Much Love! Namaste

This is exactly what I needed to read today…I've had a rough day, or week, full of pessimism and negativity. Thank you for encouraging me to focus on what is good and positive. I love your analogy of beginning the day like a tuned instrument. I play the guitar so that concept really resonated with me. If you play a guitar or any instrument that is out of tune, the whole song will be ruined and just won't sound right. I really need to get in a good routine. Thank you so much for this post.

Same here. I found your wonderful posts which led me to this. Now I've discovered two great new blogs and something I really needed to hear. :)

Any new update videos about Ava?

Ah yes! Tomorrow we are having an investor meeting, and I will share the latest advancements! Thanks for tuning in.

What an amazing way to start your day ! Love it how you describe those rituals... think I will adopt a few :)

Yes Ma! Thank for commenting. Blessings to you <3

What a great way to start your new day. Many forget that with a new day...we need to reset our mind body and spirit...Every morning I open the curtains and say "Good Morning Beautiful World!"... I will be "borrowing" a few of your examples for my morning routines...

oooo! I love that! will be adopting that one <3

Sometimes in our life we felt happy than normal, everything around u were seems amazing not just because of anything but how lovely u met your day. Nice post!

I needed this today. Every thought you put into this is so meaningful. Thank you. :)