Earth Nation's Earthbag Homes are Happening!

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We’re building Earthbag homes!!

You may think you will live in a mud hut! And not true. The designs possible are gorgeous from traditional looking rectangular to om goodness, anything you can imagine really!

earthbag done.jpg


Beginning here in Missouri this spring.

We don't need building permits here, nor at our other locations, so it's a Big green light. I've dreamed of living in a cozy Earthbag home. The curves are luscious, the design potentials infinite, and read below about how amazing the benefits are! I might just convince you in one post to come on over and move in!

FYI! Our Earthbag Studio Homes in Eco-villages begin at 90k which includes energy, water, access to shared community spaces and land, 1 acre of private land with food forest, And access - 3 months a year to our other eco-village centers! Let me know if you’d like to stay in the loop. It can look something like this, or be square.


Here’s why I’m a big fan!

You can shape your walls beyond the square and rectangle very easily! I always have wanted to live in a curved, round space. I especially like this design where the home makes a nest for an outside central courtyard.


Earthbag YES Benefits!!

These homes can take 10X more weight than regular post and beam construction.

Much less expensive to build than traditional homes, and easy to do yourself.

Environmentally friendly: uses minimal wood (window and door framing) steel, and cement.

Faster to build than rammed earth, adobe, cob, and earthships.

House can withstand 50 caliber bullets!

Homes were not effected by seismic forces that maxed out the instruments!

Earthbag homes are highly fire, earthquake, flood, and hurricane resistant.

They have great R value and insulation, and you can even supplement the dirt with more insulation. This makes them very energy efficient especially when filled with crushed volcanic stone, rice hulls, perlite or vermiculite. Earthbag walls approach the insulative qualities of strawbale!

Just as waterproof as traditional homes, and even more flood resistant!

Can build underground, earthbermed, and with green roof! Make yours looks like a hobbit house or regular house!

They protect you from radiation.

They have a cozy womb like feeling - and windows! And you can build decks and platforms.

There’s ways of stabilizing with gravel to make them extremely flood resistant.

They can last 1000 years.

You live in the Earth! This in itself is so healthy!

And if you want to live in a traditional rectangular home... Here you go!
This is an Earthbag floor plan as well!

earthbag rectangle.jpg

Now here's some more fun ones!

earthbag 6.jpg

earthbag round.jpg

earthbag pentagon.jpg

All plans were sourced from

Here's to THRIVING outside of the box! and HAPPY HOMING!

I LOVE YOU, Lila*Star

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Are there payment plans for the house cost? How are these units heated? And of course you must pay with Earth keys?


omg what is an Earth Key? i so need some help here.

Excellent post.
What are the bags made of? how long do they last?
Will water damage wall once bag deteriorates?


Polypropylene rice bags or feed bags filled with clay/ soil or insulation. They last under the plaster for a very very long time. The construction is decades old with these bags, and similar structures have lasted hundreds of years with less modern material. If plastered well, maintained and done properly, there will be no water damage.


Thankyou. Very interesting concept. I've looked at hay bale & mudbrick but this looks better in several ways. Your designs also look great.
Local regs would be a prob here, but many parts of the planet it would work.
I wonder about hemp chaff as bag filler? maybe mixed with clay etc?
my mind is racing :-0


yaya!! Inspiration Come! <3

Yes Yes Yes! I am in love. I am going to be following your project closely. I am not quite to the stage where I can afford something like this, but it is in my near future, I just know it.

I have bookmarked the webpage you linked with the home layouts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


TY and Yes. There's always opportunities to work trade! To help us build...


I'm currently buried financially and stuck with a job that does not allow me to travel much. However I have been working on uncovering myself so I can finally live a sovereign life. So perhaps in the future I will be lucky enough to contribute.


As you wish <3

I love the flexibility! I can see from the examples you provide that there are endless options! I wonder did you already design your floorplan? I am curious to see it.


Om my! Well I love my home right now and I'm so steeped in the systems level, haven't thought about mine. I tend to share and share. I've lived in 80 places! I see these as ours! Not really an ownership model girl. Come build permaculture with us!


Oh I see! My misunderstanding! Anyway, thanks for sharing the inspiration to build earthbag homes :) It is definitely on the list to consider on my future homestead with other natural building styles!


You're perfect ! I actually thought about what you said... and Now I'm designing, so I can share mine with others, and inspire others with really smart designs. So thank YOU!

I am so glad you guys are doing this!

More people need to know of these kind of home making so that we can be more independent and have more reasonable ways to make houses.


Yesai! Sharing that this is even possible is most of the mission! <3 to build capacity in others. Much Love Greenbeans!

WoW this looks awsome !!!!
super great Projekt !!!

oh i LOVE this. I am looking to live in an eco living situation like this. I want to grow Biodynamic food and flowers and tend to bees. This sounds like a dream. I followed you. Looking forward to more.

This is pretty awesome! Can't wait to learn about building these this spring!


As We Wish ! I Love you @theprism!

While @steemcleaners doesn't deal with copyright, we do look at the plagiarism aspect. The images at the top of the page and the way you write your intro makes it sound as if those are your images and actual pictures of work in progress. Where in reality they are just images taken from the internet.


When you are gathering support for a project such as this I suggest you be honest with your curators and cite the sources of your images.


Ty for pointing it out. All of the previous posts I've ever written were Visionary art or my own. I was so excited with what is happening! ;-) I went back in and mentioned the source for the two images I missed.


Oh my. . . . . . really. . . . . . so many things to get worked up about in this world and even on this platform and you chose that? Ok . . . . well I am sure they will get really nick picky about what they post.


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Your my first intro into Earthbag homes! I really like the partial torus design for a communal outdoor area/garden and the lofts! Very cool use of materials and design.

Yes this is great, this is the future.


Yes and the NoW <3 Love to see your upcycled art! Following.