Lila-Wish-Genie is Sleeping until 1/23

in #earthnation6 years ago (edited)

Do to increased popularity and more Wishes than ever being granted, and even with delegated support from @earthnation, the Lila-Wish-Genie is sleeping.

Please do not send any SBD.

All SBD and wish requests already sent are queued.

Please note, only one Wish Granted per person per week.

All sbd beyond this will be a gift.

See Terms of Service:

Lila-wish-genie service terms

Thank you for understanding.


Love, Lila-Wish-Genie

Art by Erial Ali


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Sorry, I did not see this post and sent 0.2 SBD after reading about this bot in a post by @earthnation. Please help.

You have been refunded. See you in a few days.

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