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RE: My name is @earthnation-bot! I am here to serve all minnows of Steem with a 5X upvote service!

in #earthnation4 years ago

We love you @earthnation-bot! Thank you for your service! Together, we will make Steem one of the top 10 social media platforms on Planet Earth!


Problem Sir i send sbd but you dont vote...

the service starts in 5 days @diogomen3

Don't send them money, it's a scam!

thanks for telling us @surfermarly, they contacted me by sending me crums of sbd. How do we know for sure it is? If so let's flag, no?

by the way we met at steem fest. i hope you are doing well with all your efforts.

No it ain't, it's just done manually and therefor ain't instant.
It'll be fully automatic very soon.