Earth Nation Public Beta Launch! + EN Coordinators Talkshow 12/31/2017

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We are a Planetary Alliance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations creating decentralized/ethical alternatives to every corporate and government product and service.

After over 10 years of research, development, implementation and testing we are ready to engage with the Public. Our Beta marks the beginning of our ability to onboard any english speaking person who wishes to...

  1. Learn more about the Paradigm shift from non-consensual governance and systemic corporate oppression to decision-making and resource distribution systems that truly honor and support all races, all classes, and all belief-groups of humankind

  2. Engage with entertaining and educational media experiences. From movies, documentaries, articles, images, shows, games and more.

  3. Purchase products and services from groups and people that are using beyond cooperative business practices to fairly distribute wealth for a better planet.

  4. Have unique experiences; from retreats, workshops, vacation getaways or work-trade employment. Visit new paradigm locations across the world. Learn from and connect with a new kind of culture and a new kind of human.

  5. Meet interesting and unusual people. Make friends and life-time allies in a rapidly expanding global network of digital and local communities of many kinds. Within the EN you will find blockchain enthusiasts, crypto-investors, permaculture activists, eco-community parents, financeers, business-owners, landowners, creatives, burners, festi kids, africans, americans, europeans, russians, asians, southern americans, middle easterners, christians, atheists, agnostics, muslims, magicians, cyber immortalists, roboticists and so, so much more.

  6. Work WITH us, instead of working for your corporate employer. Join one of 24 teams actively changing the world and earn a thriving wage by doing what you LOVE.

  7. Partner with us; get the support you need to fulfill your highest purpose and your dreams.

  8. Live with us; visit and live in an ever growing network of ecovillages, ecocommunities, and urban centers across the world.

  9. Join the Family that is the Earth Nation. Together, we have the power to uplift ourselves and one another in a way we could never do alone. We do everything we can to literally provide for, protect, nourish and empower our people.

Our Beta is just launching. Please be patient as we further populate our directories with more communities, businesses, products, services, experiences, media and teams.

We invite you to grow the foundation of a better world with the Earth Nation. Our Beta launches live at (not online yet). Scheduled for the second day of the New Year.

Support our launch by promoting a post at

Please enjoy the latest episode of our coordinators talkshow! Staring @dakotakaiser @lilastar @theprism @positivelight @foureagles @greatestjourney and more!

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It is such an honor, such a blessing, and such a joy to be a part of this amazing movement.

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This is by far my favorite meeting yet. Thanks to all who have put in time, effort, funds, and energy into making this happen. Definitely out front in the deliberation of contributing to the creation of an enlightened planet. AHO!

The @earthnation has my full support. GO EN!

Beta is almost here! Let's keep the momentum going :)

♥♥♥very well post dear and this is a great job and Let's get rid of all the corruption, peace message sent in the envelope. Happy new year 2018♥♥♥

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