What Is The Earth Nation? Why Does The Earth Nation Exist? What Is Real and What Is Just Hopeful Ideology?

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More then anything, the Earth Nation is a movement of idealists, like the Green Movement, like the Anonymous Movement. A network of friends and family who carry similar ideals.

Quite simply, we all want to change the world. The ways we want things to change might be very different (for instance, @nomvula wants to see food forests and gardens in every school and home. I want to see advanced robotics and artificial intelligence doing the grunt work for the human race (So people don't have to), @lilastar wants to see temples with advanced healing technologies made accessible to the poverty class)... yet at the heart of all of our ideals is the idea that we can do things better then they are currently being done.

Profit does not need to be the bottom line. Our people do not need to choose between indentured servitude and extreme poverty. We don't need a poverty class to do the slave work for the rest of society. We don't need starving/sick people. We don't need environmental destruction and pollution. We don't need war.

If we don't need these things, why is it all so prevalent and rampant?

There are quite a few amazing agencies like Green Peace, Red Cross, and Water Charity that help those in extreme need. Yet.... putting band-aids on the problems created by the unchecked power of the military industrial complex only increases the need for more band-aids.

There's been quite a few groups that have claimed to be embodying the same ideals we hold. We know of most of them (that speak english/spanish) of significant size in the western hemisphere of this planet (we have invited hundreds of similar organizations to join our alliance, but we have found many of these groups to be mostly talk).

We need solutions to systemically solve the source of poverty. A complete overhaul to the way we govern ourselves and distribute information and resources.

Changing the old systems of governance and business from the inside is impossible. The most powerful men on the planet use the leading edge of military technology (and many other tactics and tools) to silence everyone who might interfere with their domination of this planet.

We need a solution that can co-exist peacefully with the old system without having anything to do with the old world powers and systems.

Blockchain Technology is a powerful part of this solution. Like the internet brought a level of freedom to the exchange of information, Blockchain is bringing a level of total sovereignty to the way we exchange data. The Blockchain is the only jurisdiction on planet earth that is not owned and controlled by a government entity.

Beyond Cooperative Businesses are a critical part of this solution. Systems of business where profit is NOT the bottom line. Where the workers are the owners and profits are donated to non-profits(also owned by the workers) to fairy distribute wealth while also creating longlasting positive impact on our people and planet.

Cryptocurrencies are also critical to the solution. The ability to mint and distribute currency is the single most powerful ability held by government level entities. By reclaiming this power for our people we enable ourselves to power our own sovereign governments.

Liquid Dynamic Governance fueled by the blockchain. Does it make sense to anyone that millions of people have to decide on 1 elected ruler to make the decisions for everyone? Why are politicians locked into office for years? Why are politicians required to take "bribe" (lobbying) money in order to continue their campaigns?

Finally, with blockchain technology and concepts like chaining and forking delegation of decisions we can elect and fire any number of different representatives at anytime for any number of different isolated(or not) domains and responsibilities. No longer do we need to compromise with who we choose to elect to make our important decisions.

The solution that brings it all together are the Land Based Intentional Communities that provide for all of the needs of their residents(while also providing space, workers, resources, and customers) for business without requiring an absurdly high monthly payment or work-trade requirement. Thriving communities only need 5-10 hours per person a week to fully maintain all living infrastructures (Even less with automation technologies). Can you believe it? We don't NEED a 40 hour work week to operate as a functioning and advancing society (especially with the rise of AI and Robotics, Societies, organizations, and individuals will soon no longer require regular completion of any form of repetitive action from any person)

Sovereign Interoperability Between Organizations. What if we didn't need to be told how to live? What if the human race was growing out of the need to be forcibly parented by violent military entities? What if our communities and organizations could autonomously self-govern? Our Decentralized Autonomous Organizational software enables any number of different organizations to make alliances/partnerships without ever giving up their power and control over their freedom and choices.

To date, the Earth Nation Alliance consists of 42 Organizations, 12 living land-based communities and 16500 acres of land that has been entrusted to our care for the purpose of building sustainable and affordable living for all peoples.

The nature of our Alliance is simple. We all have an excess of something. We all want something. In the Earth Nation, so long as you also hold similar ideals, we will help you obtain whatever it is you and your people need to thrive.

We don't give hand-outs, but we do give hand-ups. We are employing ever-more people doing what they LOVE and NOTHING else.

An example of two projects we are embodying that is changing the world for the better......

Our Steemit Guild. We made a system to make Steemit simple and rewarding for everyone as part of our globally available creative's basic income project. If you post and share conscious/inspiring content then our guild is the place for you. We offer tutorials, academies, community support, curated up-vote/resteem exchanges, and exclusive bots (that grant from 3X-4X upvote).

Our system just went through an overhaul. Check us out at https://earth-nation-steemit-guild.com

Our Ecovillage Network project. We are building sustainable villages and cities in Missouri, Ecuador, and Ghana. Development has been underway for years. The minimum buy in for your own eco-home is 90k and comes with a lifetime of food, water, internet, and electricity. Those that can't afford it can work with us for 7 years instead. Currently we are only taking on skilled and vetted personnel.... but one of our next projects is a homeless rehabilitation camp.

Learn more about this project at https://earth-nation-ecovillage-network.com

Learn more about the EN at https://earthnation.world. We are still beta testing many of our technologies and systems. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



aaaah dear brother we will get there, all this that you mention is happening, happened already and will be happening! It's the journey that is the most exciting part. honored to journey with you!

Were in it to win it, together, better then ever.

I love how the Steemit community is a hub of connection for lovers of freedom, peace and abundance. Together, our visions and actions unite in ways we can't even imagine. Here's to the open source solutions meeting the needs of all liberating our creative potential! Thanks so much for sharing this initiative and perspective.

I want to change the world too !
Three Gates of Wisdom !

About "profit..." As long as We retain the accounting for Human energy added into a system that accounts for Human energy added (money), We WILL see psychopaths promoted to the top, control of all major corporations by psychopaths - including media, artificial scarcity, poverty and privilege, oppression, wage/debt slavery, bribery, paying of strong arms and armies, planned obsolescence (creating the VAST bulk of the waste on Our planet, intrusion, and profiteering (including WAR profiteering, prison profiteering, medical profiteering, pharmaceutical profiteering, food, water, air profiteering, to name the big ones).

We CAN solve for all of these... Please see My analysis here: https://steemit.com/politics/@amaterasusolar/the-end-of-entropy-a-look-at-our-entropic-world-and-the-evidence-supporting-how-we-could-change-this

There is more on My blog...

I know so many that want the change but cannot escape the system. I plan on building a sustainable community and making videos of the step by step process. I plan on using applied mycology for a big part of it. I have a community group of a few thousand and could easily recruit a few more thousand.
I hope to be successful in my crypto investing in order to catch the attention of tribal council. The casino profits are given out to tribal members but they do give large portions out to local schools, libraries, and local departments. If I can show them I mean business I could potentially bring the native community on board. Let's just hope our dreams become reality.

Yes, our current society has become lost in its own progress. People are not important, except as to their capability in the financial power arena. As a much younger person, I saw very clearly the hypocrisy shown or shall I say, not shown to "people". It was confusing to me at the time, because I didn't have the information I have since learned as to the intent and manipulation by elitists. Sadly the lust for money and power covers the entire world, and is so very deeply imbeded in every aspect of society. I love all the groups such as "Earth Nation" who have organized and brought solutions and encourage and inspire independent thinking and cooperation. People doing what they love is perfect, and will make a new world.

Thank you @shevans. I honor you for being able to see the truth and for your choice to support what you know to be true and good.

The depth and width of the corruption has been so maliciously and cleverly done, as to be almost unimaginable, but the truth is coming out. May it open eyes and ears and hearts everywhere. Read the White Hats Report: http://whitehatsreport.com/2018/01/24/1400/

Always happy to see initiatives that are committed to creating a better world we would all like to live in. Hopefully, a day will come when we can turn our backs on greed and realize that we can all live with enough, rather than eternally questing to always have more, usually at the expense of those around us, and the planet as a whole.

Bright Blessings to you!

Yessai. Many blessings to you too @whitelightxpress!

Thank you my friend for bringing this initiative to my attention. I did not know something of this magnitude existed.

I have been working alone, traveling America volunteering my many skills to help low income homesteaders and wannabes to build more self-sustainable lives. I only ask them for room and board while staying with them.

I will be checking out the links you provided to educate myself and offer my services where needed.

Also, I agree 100% that we do not need to be wage slaves and that all production can be automated. So many people are scared of this, because they believe having work is what creates success. This is so off! All I can think of when on this topic is, what more fulfilling lives we could live if we are able to live, rather than work. We could be fulltime parents, which by itself would better society and promote an intelligent and peaceful atmosphere.

Nice to meet you my friend.

Peace to the Gods and the Earths. Hotep.

The theme of ecovillages is very close to me. I had a phase in my life when I was travelling between the russian ecovillages for healing people. Someday I will live in one of same...

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