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Beyond my chosen roles in this life...... What do i really see myself as?

An Avatar of Unconditional Love.
A Shapeshifter.
A Guardian.
A Strategist.
A Guide.
A Scientist.

What is Unconditional Love? Most people seem to equate this term to other phrases like "Rainbow Unicorns", in the context that such things do not truly exist.

What does Unconditional Love mean to me?
Simply, To Love without Conditions.

Its funny, in a world where conditional behavior is so deeply ingrained into our subconscious behavioral patterns, many people think "How could i ever love anything without conditions?"

Well. First. You must hold Unconditional Love for yourself. If you do not, you will never be capable of loving another Unconditionally.

What does it mean to loves ones self unconditionally? It means to hold ones self in a light and perspective of being an innocent, pure, shameless, guiltless, perfect child.

Never have i ever done wrong. I am so proud of myself. I am so grateful for this gift of life. Nothing will change this in me, no matter what my life circumstances become.

This is why its "Unconditional". Because i choose to hold myself in a light of divine perfection no matter what conditions are effecting my living experience.

There is a distinction between doing wrong, and acting out of alignment. Just like all children, we learn, we grow, we discover what we truly want, and what we truly do NOT want.

Yet, with an unconditionally loving perspective, there is no guilt or shame that comes with acting out of alignment. Only an increased fervor to act more fully in alignment in the future.

Unconditional Love also means that you truly support and allow yourself to be who you are, rather then any conceptions of who you think you are, or who others think you are.

When you are able to hold yourself in true Unconditional Love, you will discover that you are capable of loving everyone and everything with this same love.

Instead of interacting with other beings for your own benefit, you will begin interacting with them for their benefit. As a facilitator of the development of conscious life, the fractalized form of the divine itself.

For me, there is no greater service then guiding the children of the Divine. In this service i find purpose. In this purpose i find joy. In this joy i find the deeper meaning of my life.

I remember; there is only one of us here.


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