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--Movement of markets are giving many people motion sickness that many are using to drum up fear, panic, dread, or just outright ridiculousness in hopes of steering the affected media consumer in the direction of the agenda being broadcast. The truth as of today is that volatility is indeed very good for so many today, including the working class as markets are hitting nose bleed highs in the Dow Jones and many other markets. With great moves in markets something is going to give in the short term, as market makers within simply work counter to an asset working its' way straight up in value over any real extended period of time. Which is beneficial for a lot of reasons. First of all, it gives owners liquidity in the trade, in getting their initial investment away from risk and offers them another entrance price further down the road. Also, wealth is created on a higher basis as the many that trade the markets see more gains from an array of different points across the board.
--Fixed or static markets come with fairly horrid results over time, reference Japan in the mid to late 1980's to today. In an under-stimulated market their technological superiority fell on deaf ears quite often with the dot com bubble of the 1990's and the United States basically turned tech languages into American English because of the Silicon Valley factor in producing the countless breakthroughs through more liquid and nimble markets in ownership of the upside.
--Steem/Steemit and Bitcoin are going through a crazy phase where there is true polarity between a few different factions are staunchly for or staunchly against the rise of the cryptocurrencies and both sides feel there is a special chance and a "no brain" winner in longing (for) or shorting (against) the market values of these speculative investments. The nice thing for someone say like me, I am just an average guy that works for a living, likes to save when I can and always keep my eyes open for undervalued excellence and potential greatness. That is what I see in the Steem/Steemit platform "pound for pound," which I welcome you cruise through my past posts to see the many reasons why.
--The next time your heart gets racing when you read a reaction to new market news, like the sky is falling, or there may never be a down day again, know assuredly that is not the case virtually every time it is hyped to happen. In fact there are many people have become incredibly rich trading on the sentiment of the public emotion when fundamentally nothing has happened.
I'd like to thank you for reading and commenting in advance, I am always up for a good blog conversation in all topics above discussed. Sincerely, @cryptkeeper17
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I like your blog..
thanks for sharing...


Wow thanks a lot @mohanjonk, I will have to see what's going on with you lately. Thanks again, enjoy the rest of your day!


welcome..and carry on...

Hey man!

Just stopping by real quick. Seeing what's up.

I had never thought of the volatility being an actual good thing. I just knew that I enjoyed waking up to new surprises every day lol. That being said, I do firmly believe in the philosophical base of crypto currency as a free market value transfer system. I believe it will threaten central banks and even governments in the moral progress of humanity. That's why I want to get in on it, even if I'm in on a small scale.

Also wanted to say thanks a ton for sending that upvote bot my way! I'm honestly not sure how to thank you. How do I send him back your way? I've never used an upvote bot before. I'm in @shadowbot, which uses my profile and votes for other members sometimes, so I've found that affects my voting power.

And what's up with you transferring .001sbd to my account? Is that a Steemian thing? I'm still learning a lot here.

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