Earth Deeds Volume 8: Winner Announcement and Entry Post Highlights

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Truth, Love, Respect, & Honor.


Oh gosh!!! Honoured!!! Everyone elses entries were awesome so a bit shocked! Thanks beautiful. Love you @elamental for all you do xxx xxx

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It was a close call, but calling the government to stop sending you wasteful mail - primo - props.

Nice work to everyone who entered this weeks #earthdeeds

Yay @riverflows!! And yay to your sassy huntsman helper hehe...

Wonderful to see so many great posts, contributors and conscious people making tangible, real difference in the world.

Indeed, thank you for your wonderful inclusion, being resourceful is rule #1 for environmentalism.

Congratulations @riverflows - well deserved!!

Congratulations @riverflows & and to all contributors!

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Some wonderful Earth Deeds this round!
Congrats to @riverflows - Way to go to having stopped the junk mail dump! I requested no junk mail in my box so it cuts down the majority of it but I never thought of contacting each political party but now I know and can easily do that.
Crazy that it is mandatory to vote in Australia! Yikes!

Your entry was a close second, definitely respect the gardening book to help fellow conscious growers!

congrats River, yeah so great to see such wonderful entries xx

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