Earth Deeds - Volume 2 - CONTEST ENTRY ARTICLE

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This is an awesome contest man. Bringing the digital world to aid the physical :) I’m going to start entering for sure. In the meantime, I made this music video for Cleanup Day the other day that you might dig.

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Nice, tell them robots... "clean up after your self..." haha, looking forward to your post brother

I absolutely love what you are doing here. It's such a wonderful way to get people to be aware and conscious about our beautiful planet and to remind them to do things daily that could make a difference as it spreads out across the world. Change starts with one person. we can all be that one person.

We all have to be that person, because its our responsibility. Thank you for your support, how can people not be on the same page with this? This is the best way I could think of to help atm.


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Keep steeming good content.

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I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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Time to start documenting how I help our planet earth!

If anyone is wondering how they can do more to help the Earth... this is the next step for all of us - then promote, promote, promote! & get more people to join us on this quest.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I’ve been really digging your tracks on soundcloud man, but I wish you were on choon. I think the platform is way better and it’s got crypto power :)
Heres my link to bypass the waitlist if you want it.
Hope I’ll see you on there...

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I will look into this over the weekend. I have been slammed at work seven days a week for a few weeks now... it has been quite tiring. Thank you for the link homie.

I can tell you’re a busy man brother.

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Hola como esta me gusto tu concurso de cuidar el planeta tierra

Feel free to participate, it will only help everyone :-)

yeah loving this contest @elamental, we all need to be reminded that it is our responsibilty to be of service to the earth xxxx

Exactly, and that is why I made it a weekly contest, because it must be a constant reminder.

This is epic @elamental, it encourages us to spread all the small acts that we do off-camera, on the backstages of our Steem life.

Hopefully if tomorrow turns out good I'll be able to go to the local forest to fix the sign warning people to take their trash home, I'll document that.

This is an awesome initiative and we really much appreciate it. From little things, big things grow and we believe in the power of small actions. Green Love!

I totally agree buddy, thank you for being an awesome eco-minded individual.