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RE: Homemade Ollas: Thinking About Water Use in The Garden Part 2

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I used to see Olla (in Arabic Ollah) at my grandparents'. But instead of being used in agriculture, They were being used for cooling and filtering drinking water. The water is poured into the ollah which is placed in a large pot. Then you drink the water that seeps to the pot. It used to taste fresh and cool even in hot summer.

They were being made of burnt clay and it is said to be first used by Pharaohs. I don't remember seeing any of them over almost the past 20 years, except for a visit to Fayoum Pottery school where they are produced for decoration.


Ohhhh so do you think the word is Arabic!!!! I was wondering today. And yeah we have heard of these cooling systems before! Brilliant xxx

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I was surprised you used almost the same name being used in Egypt. Even different Arabian countries use different names. According to many online English dictionaries its origin is Spanish. It is also exist in Arabic dictionaries which means it is not colloquial, but with no mentioning of the origin. I am inclined to believe that both Arabians and Spanish took it from Egyptian hieroglyphs as it was first used by Pharaohs as far as I know.

That's really cool. I love etymology!

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