Earned 100 Steem just by Writing Wiki Articles?!?!

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this!

Now that I've got you're attention, I'm sure you're wondering how this is possible! Last week @steemcenterwiki released the collaboration list of who had been adding to the Steem.Center wiki project. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY to see that @seablue had managed to earn over 100 Steem last month...**just from filling out pages with Steemit related content.

Now, while this is a GREAT way to earn some extra Steem...it's also a HUGE help for our site as a whole. Not only does it make us look a bit more established having a deep, well documented wiki...but it's also one more things that can show up in peoples Google searches, potentially exposing them to the greatness we have here.

I know what you're thinking...

For those of you who are thinking that they're too new or don't have something to contribute...think again! This is the PERFECT chance for you to take what you do know, while the getting is good. Take a look at some of the updated or created articles for this last month contributors got paid for:

Main Page

Ned Scott


You can see the full list of last months edited and created wiki entries: HERE.

But what's more amazing are some of the things that DON'T have anything written for them. Some examples that I can't believe nobody's written on include:

Flag (really...nobody's grabbed this easy money!?!?!)

Art (seriously, nobody's written on some of the great work posted on here?)

@stellabelle (one of our most famous Steemians has nothing?!?)

If these don't grab you, make articles for things you are into. Write something for #steemgigs, @steemvoter, Steemit.chat...or how about people from YOUR country on Steemit...hell, you can make an entry on ME if you really want to. Use your imagination on this...cause I guaranty that you have something to contribute (and get Paid for.)

A Full List of Articles for Creations can be seen at:

But seriously, I know we all like money! Between the price of Steem being over $2 for the first time since AUGUST, the increased funding working it's way to @steemcenterwiki on top of all of the new Steemians coming on board...SOMEBODY is going to go write these EASY wiki entries.


To get started, just goto Steem.Center Wiki

You can follow updates, payouts and more on their Steemit account: @steemcenterwiki

And your reward just for making your way through this high energy (too much coffee) post...

If you need some help getting your wiki entries in there check out:
Help Editing Wiki Pages
SteemWiki steemit.chat Channel

Don't Miss the Show! Follow the Steemit Talk Podcast (STP) Account

New STP Website!!

Are you new to Steemit and Looking for Answers? - Try https://www.steemithelp.net.

Image Sources:
Kitty and Puppy


Epic, how can I start?

I'll get that added in the post, ty.
Just hope over to the Steem.Center Wiki site at: https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Main_Page
and you can follow them on Steemit at the @steemcenterwiki account.

Hey @sychochica ! This looks like a fun project, I might have to try a few. Thanks!

Heyas!! It's been a while..good to see you!
This project has my absolute win/win/win stamp of approval...and rather fun to boot. Lol
I don't think there's much on @steemtrails in there either...definitely have some sub-trails available.

It was a beautiful thing @sykochica :-)

I bet!! I was flabbergasted when I saw that! Jeeezz!!
I love you're passion for this place! :D

I was spreading the word too. By the end of the month I was like, "Okay..I guess this is mostly mine then hey?" I'm going to be contributing again this month. I'd love to see the work divided amongst more people. Many hands make light work.

Damn straight! But still nice to have the worst case scenario be walking away with 100 Steem! Especially at today's prices!

I did donate 20 SBD to the pool shortly after this post went up. :)

I'm very grateful to our generous patrons. @stellabelle has been awesome.

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to be paid for wiki editing. I used to do it for Wikipedia as a hobby, but it was very time consuming. Eventually I burnt out. The motivation of monetary reward makes the time spent justifiable.

I had this in my to do list like months ago, when it first came out, and it got buried, like so many things do when we have so much to do in life and so much coming at us.

Great article, as usual, by you.

One of the most undervalued Steemians in the history of Steemians


Oh, I can absolutely relate! It's also one I've still not gotten over to myself...luckily @raymonjohnstone put an entry together for @steemittalk podcast over there (thank you again raymon!)

I'm constantly wishing there were more hours in the day. It's rough trying to stay on top of everything here, plus 'adulting' time...it's all been cutting severely into my sleep time. Lol

You're pretty sharp, have you not figured out how to clone yet?


Unfortunately only sheeple..I mean sheep. Lol


I have a pretty neat post idea up about our Facebook Wallets you will like!!


Good input as always!

Hope to see you later tonite and this weekend around the


for some fun.

Thank you very much! The rewards depends on each month payouts and donations and is shared part between the wiki collaborators and part proportionally from each participant number of activities.
If anyone's interested so you can check the proposed rules or direct test and play Steem.center wiki editions in the Sandbox, for any help just reply one of our posts or leave a message in the Steemit Chat #wiki channel. Thanks and good luck again!

Motivating post, [email protected] Gonna help out the Steem Wiki Center and contribute to Operation Translation this weekend!

great, thanks for letting us know

This seems like a really good project. I'll have to help contribute.

Wow! I am looking into this now. Reading the wiki. I probably couldn't contribute just yet because I am a newbie and still learning. Thanks for the tip.

I guaranty you there is something you'd be able to put in there! Also, feel free to use any of my guides as reference material. I really don't even care if my stuff is copy/pasted in by others...just ask for a mention...but no money for me. :)

Do we earn on translations? Is there a translation section? I would like to translate to 3 languages.

People are creating language specific articles. Go right ahead. Dive in and start making articles in other languages.

Any of the english articles can be translated. If you check the 'recent changes' on the wiki you will see who the editors are.

I don't know of there being a translation section myself on the wiki..but it's a great idea! You might toss that question to @steemcenterwiki in their steemit.chat channel: Here.

There is also operation translation available on any of my guide/faq posts as well as many that @papa-pepper and @stellabelle had done in the past (not sure if that's still current. I don't wanna speak for them.) While not paid directly, you get to keep all earnings from the post. The only ask is a link back to the original.

I did actually just find this: https://steemit.com/italiano/@steemcenterwiki/benvenuto-announcing-an-italian-language-s-wiki-article-created-by-the-new-participant-paolobeneforti

So there's at least some other languages being accepted there..but still prob best to talk with that team. :)

Very good :) I hope you have more soon :)

Nice information. Wiki is good for newbie like us.

Thank you!
There are some parts that need to still be filled out on there..making it a nice way to earn some Steem outside posting.

But if you do have any questions that you don't find answers for on the wiki...feel free to ask me. :)

Nice job dude, now another 100steem coming in your way :)

Thank you! :D

I want to try this out, can you give me some advice ?

Like on what to write entries for? or more the how to write them?

This is great... Steemit is becoming a regular employment agency...

Have you checked out @steemgigs?

Sounds Like a great Idea to me!

I hope you enjoy! and get paid! :D

gonna give it a shot!

Wow, new thing to discover.

That's pretty much the norm on Steemit...always something else... :)

Yeah right :)

Haha yeah.

Thanx you @sykochica on adding these helpful tip and links for those curious in making those wiki pages ;)

You're very welcome! I love helping out as well as trying to support some of the great projects and initiative on here.

Awesome write up, so many amazing people on here.

Thank you again @sykochica ! Always great to learn about new initiatives here and see the follow up ideas from fellow Steemians

Thanks for this informative post!

Right! So I started editing the ART one! @Someguy123
More to come this afternoon as I need to leave home now. But FYI : https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Art

Awesome <3

Thanks for the lead! always looking for more ways to get things rolling , Cheers @sykochica

Absolutely! There's been quite a few different ways to earn/win steem here lately. Just depends what you like to do or participate in :)

I seem to be on here all the time, and find it really hard to get noticed/ have my posts boosted. oh well , keep trying ayee?

There's no denying that for most of us, it takes time to get regular good payouts on things. Getting integrated with the community itself is a big, often unsaid piece of Steemit...and there's not really a quick away to achieve this.

You might check out this guide/faq I put out a week or so back. It covers some things to try.

A couple of concrete suggestions after looking at your blog. When new, try to not use the same thumbnail image over and over. It makes people think when seeing it that they've already voted on it...even if it's a different title.

Check out the tag list to see if there are any more high traffic ones that apply to your posts. I typically recommend for newer people to try and have 2-3 high traffic tags (but only if applicable, it's better to just not use a tag if it doesn't fit.)

From personal experience...the philosophy tag is a REALLY hard one to break into at the beginning. I did the same when I first joined here and it was ROUGH!! You can still hit the same topics, say the same things...just frame it differently in the title, thumbnail image and tags.

I recommend checking out the #showerthoughts tag for those..maybe the #TIL (today I learned) for some of your other posts.

But stick with it, try things out to see what works for you...and continuously keep building Real relationships with people.

Oh wow! thank you for taking the time to share this, So much help! @sykochica you're a Steem legend! Much Love <3

Happy to help :)

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