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RE: Earned 100 Steem just by Writing Wiki Articles?!?!

in #earnsteem5 years ago

I had this in my to do list like months ago, when it first came out, and it got buried, like so many things do when we have so much to do in life and so much coming at us.

Great article, as usual, by you.

One of the most undervalued Steemians in the history of Steemians



Oh, I can absolutely relate! It's also one I've still not gotten over to myself...luckily @raymonjohnstone put an entry together for @steemittalk podcast over there (thank you again raymon!)

I'm constantly wishing there were more hours in the day. It's rough trying to stay on top of everything here, plus 'adulting''s all been cutting severely into my sleep time. Lol

You're pretty sharp, have you not figured out how to clone yet?


Unfortunately only sheeple..I mean sheep. Lol


I have a pretty neat post idea up about our Facebook Wallets you will like!!


Good input as always!

Hope to see you later tonite and this weekend around the


for some fun.

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