The Soaring Eagle Team in #CTP

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Why fly like an Ostrich when you can Soar Like An Eagle. There are several traffic exchanges with team surfing that have Soaring Eagle Teams. But The Soaring Eagles in #ClickTrackProfit is more than a surfing team. It is an Internet Marketing Team. Our purpose is to help each other to succeed online in areas that we individually are excited about. We encourage each member to go through the awesome training that is provided in the different important marketing areas. We also encourage the members to surf the sites that have #CTP Badges.

We are competing with each other for the leading number 1 spot currently held by Aaron Green.
He is great at earning points for the team. One way he may have done that is by posting in Steemit.
His latest post is:

"What's Your Surfing Like"

One of our newest members is Cheryl Fitzjohn @lilybaby She joined the team and started completely over with 0 points. In her fist day on the team she moved up from 10 place to 7th. A couple of days later she moved up to 6th place.

Learning all we can and teaching each other is what we do as we soar on up to the top. Look up folks and you will see our members soaring like an eagle

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