A Fascinating Dystopian Look at a Possible Future of Child Laws

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It is the year 2073, the earth is dangerously overpopulated so much so that a global crisis ensues. The population bomb that had been ticking for more than a century has finally exploded, and the results are devastating on a global scale.

Even more troubling, however are the implications of the population crisis on ordinary families. In response to the over population issue, the government has instituted a strict one child policy for all families, much like the 100 (show), a law that is enforced by the much-feared Child Allocation Bureau.

The implications of the one child policy are brought into stark relief when a set of septuplets are born. While the mother dies giving birth, all seven babies survive, creating a real crisis for the government and the family.

In What Happened to Monday, a government agency known by the name of The Child Allocation Bureau enforces a strict law forbidding families from having more than one child, due to the worlds overpopulation at crisis level. Those who break the law are forced to surrender all but their eldest child, and the rest are placed in cryogenic sleep until some future date when earth can once again sustain more humans.

The Septuplets have spent all their lives hidden away and assuming the identity of one woman, only allowed outside their apartment on the day of the week that's each of the girls namesake. The film calls into question the need for population control due to the earth's limited resources, and it also causes the audience to think about how far the law should go into enforcing it.

The bloody end of the movie only suggests that despite the noble intentions, in the beginning, this type of population control would bring added struggle and loss of life.

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This type of population control if you asked me is the best but cannot be properly welcomed in this world where there are multiple children at one birth. I wish the septuplets survivd. Its a painful thing they were born that time and their mother had to die during childbirth too. Thanks for listening to my opinion

I can see a particular problem with this too. I mean take a look at this classic example. The mother was only pregnant once, but then gave birth to septuplets. So where do we draw the line? I mean it was not her plan, surely, to be pregnant with 7 kids. Thus excluding them and ostracising them is very prejudicial. Maybe there should be exceptions? But yeah, where do you draw the line. Population control is very problematic, never ends well at all.

Yes the scenario is completely disturbing. However, the movie was surprisingly good. Noomi seems to have a great roster of films in my opinion.

Friction right?

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This is something I have been calling "peak people" for some time now, sure we can afford to have some more people but that involves the richest and most wasteful people taking a haircut and that ain't gonna happen. Poor people have always been "worthless" to the majority of rich and powerful and as our population grows people will become worth less and less, life will be worth less, which in many places and according to many elites it is already worth zero. Going forward, I predict there will be a growing campaign in the media to coerce the public into supporting population controls and eventually policies that will cause premature death, whether knowingly or not. For example, good diets are no longer pushed like they used to be when nations needed strong populations to fight other nations, today McDonald's and many other junk foods are pushed and aimed at our children through advertisements, Western nations have never been so obese, so addicted to legal and illegal substances and so inactive when it comes to exercise. This isn't an accident. It is 2018, no one claim truly claim that there is nothing governments can or could have done to avoid this path. It's only going to get worse from here.

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