Dutch Language Education - Lesson #13 (Read & Speak)

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After a long break, I gonna continue giving my Dutch lessons. To begin, I want to say hi and welcome to my old & new lessons viewers, followers and supporters. To continue after a long break, should be great to start with a lesson about revisiting of The Netherlands.

English Dutch
To land Landen
Airport Vliegveld
To get out of the plane Uitstappen
Airplane Vliegtuig
Hotel Hotel
Let's take a taxi! Laten we een taxi nemen!
To swim Zwemmen
To rest Rusten
Swimming pool Zwembad
Go out Uitgaan
Disco Discotheek
To party Feesten
Museum Museum
Tour Rondleiding
Paintings Schilderijen
We have visited the Van Gogh museum. Wij hebben het Van Gogh museum bezocht.
It was very interesting. Het was erg interessant.
Would Kees be home? Zou Kees thuis zijn?
To call Bellen
Friends Vrienden
Having fun Het leuk hebben

Good luck and have a blessed day, DoWithLove 💝.


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excellent ! many thank you for info !

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Het is "Het museum".....niet "De museum".

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