I'm also wondering the same thing, haven't seen any dusty activity on my account.

I left a message at the account of Daniel but I think he is gone too so the only one left is @dustbunny

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Oh nooo! This was one of the best initiatives on steemit! Please Let me know if you hear anything though and I'll do the same!

I only read they might not be there after the HF21 but short before or after no news. I noticed dustbunny is still there so I checked also because I just joined with another account and was promoting it. I never saw them sweeping dust at the new account :(

If I know more I let you know.

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I think dustbunny and dustsweeper are two different initiatives

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I know they are different. I paid for @dustsweeper to sweep dust and I delegated SP to @dustbunny and in change, they sweep dust too.

Why @dustbunny stopped without a sign is here the question plus what they do with the payments.

I assume that if @dustbunny found a way to continue after the latest HF it is possible for @dustbunny too.
Perhaps they come back or leave.

Without it means more votes are useless.

I wish you a great day 💕

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hehe... @dustbunny won't stop, I'll keep that running no matter what, but it's quite literally an uphill battle to vote at the bottom end of the new convergent linear curve so the bunny can't do by far as much anymore since the fork.

A lot of the dust it's watching falls though the cracks these days :(

Great to hear that. Is there a way, or what is needed, to change that?

I assume @dustbunny is the only one now?

I wish you a great day and thanks for responding 👍💕

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Not working still up till now 😣

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