No, not yet, after re-reading this article, though, I noticed they say this:

"Which comments qualify?
Comments with a value larger than $0 and smaller than $0.025."

I think they should state more clearly that only comments which have received an upvote will be taken in considerations and topped by @dustsweeper !!!
Otherwise many other people like myself will join the service expecting a different outcome....

Hi Lastravage, the whole idea with dustsweeper is to save dust. Without upvotes, there is no dust, so nothing to be saved.
What Dust is and what Dustsweeper does, are described under the first two headings. We have tried to keep it short and to the point, but if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

Please let me know if you would wish to have a refund and I can arrange that.

I've just received my first upvote from Dustsweeper few hours ago, at least a confirmation that the order is in place and active..... I'm gonna give it a go, in the end, I'm new here on steemit, I guess I need some time to understand how everything works.... After that the SBD amount runs out, I will decide if it's worth investing more in your project. Thank you for your time.

@danielsaori, just a question about this point:
"@dustsweeper will sweep all your comments on the 5th/6th day and upvote it above the $0.02 threshold.".....
I've got 2-3 comments with dust at their day 7, am I wrong again?
or have these "dust" particles been missed by @dustsweeper?
Thanks again.

Hi, sorry for my late reply.
There could be a couple of reasons for the dust not to be cleaned.

We have a high demand and some days Dustsweeper needs to skip some comments to be able to keep up. We have set a minimum threshold for the Voting Power where Dusty stops voting.

Self-votes are not allowed, so the comment needs to have at least one vote from someone else.

Ok, so, is my subscription still ongoing? I had at least 4 comment with upvotes in the last 3 days, they're all been skipped, I don't upvote my own comments........ Thank you.

I have checked the history of your account and it is all in order.

It is all linked to the increase in demand where the bot had to skip up to 100 accounts in the last few days. So, unfortunately, your comments fell into that window.

2K more SP has just recently been added, so I hope we can keep up with the increased demand.

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