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Hey aaliyahholt! Thanks for asking... No you don't have to send it in everytime to get an upvote... We designed it so that you send in a "deposit" of sbd and you will get a certain amount of upvotes. So if you send in $1 sbd (which we recommend) then you will get $2 worth of upvotes... You will get these upvotes and @dustsweeper will then notify you as you get close the using it up.. But if you send in $1 sbd you will get about 70 upvotes so it might be awhile! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Hello @davemccoy, can you, please, check my subscription status/balance?
I asked a couple of questions few days ago but haven't received any answer....
Most of my comments with dust/upvotes have expired, skipped/ignored by @dustsweeper....
Thank you.

So sent my 1 SBD to dust sweeper, now what? Will dust sweeper comment on the post(s) they will upvote? What's the next step to get an upvote? Will dust sweeper leave a comment on my post alerting me to send in SBD?

She will search through your feed every day and try to find dust to upvote... When she finds it, she will automatically upvote you so you can collect it. You don't have to do anything more. When the balance gets low, she will even let you know that... (note: you will get around 70 votes for per sbd)... So sit back and relax and she will start working within 6 hours checking! :)

Oh, I am sure glad I found this service, thanks!
also how will I be alerted when my balance is low? A comment on my posts?

yes it will alert you through a comment on your post... You will get 2 low notices and then a you're out notice.

alright, thanks for the info

One more, question, will Dusty upvote on the time you posted on the 6th day, so say you posted at 12 O'clock, so Dusty will upvote at 12 on day 6?

no... all comments and posts have their own clock.. dusty will go in the 5th or 6th day and upvote when the comments/posts are that aged... it does it automatically, but based on its quenue... it works on 6 hr cycles

oh, because I have a post on its 6th day and it hasn't gotten an upvote yet

@aaliyahholt sometimes it might be on rest and can miss some... we have readjusted the formula so that it upvotes everyone in the quenue at least 2x each cycle... That will cut down on the super big commenters taking all the voting power.... Let me know if you notice a difference starting tomorrow... We just made that change today

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