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Quick update to let you know that Dusty is still alive. Except for a few comments in the Discord server, there has been a complete lack of updates. Dusty had a very uncertain future and I truly apologise for not bringing you more information.

Dusty Image

Up until last weekend, I wasn't 100% sure if I should keep Dustsweeper running or not. I have been going through some tough times, stress-related issues, and was struggling to find motivation and to focus on even the simplest of tasks. The situation has improved but after the "double-HF" I thought it would be a good time to slow down and to stop Dustsweeper for good. The changes introduced with HF21 made Dustsweeper way less effective, so I thought it would be a good moment to stop.

But as the rumours spread of Dusty's death, more and more users reached out to show their support, and to tell me how sad they were to see Dusty go.

I had almost made up my mind to stop Dustsweeper and to just refund all users, but as more users reached out I started to reconsider. I was still struggling to find the motivation to look at the required code changes, but funny enough that changed when Dustsweeper's "rival", Dustbunny's owner, @fraenk, reached out and asked how it was going. After some chatting on Discord he convinced me that it is really simple. 😀He even shared a snippet from Dustbunny's code to make my life easy.

So I didn't really have any excuses any more, so off I went to get Dustsweeper running again. Thank you @fraenk for the final push. ;)

Updated dust votes

With the newly found motivation, I even managed to push an update which I've considered for some time. And it fits perfectly with the reduced effectiveness post-HF21.

Since the start, Dustsweeper has always upvoted with a fixed amount. No matter the current value, Dustsweeper has always voted with "roughly" $0.024. Initially, we implemented it like that to make it easy for users to understand the costs, 1SBD equals 40 votes etc. It also helped to overcome a limitation in pre-HF20 where votes with less than 0.5% vote weight wouldn't save any voting power compared to a 0.5% vote. Basically limiting the daily max votes to 2000.

So to make Dusty more effective in sweeping dust, the upvote value will now be variable. Dusty will vote only what is necessary to push the value above $0.024. $0.024 should be enough to keep the value above $0.020 before the payout time.

(I wrote "roughly $0.024" above as the value is not perfectly fixed. Because of a built-in rounding algorithm in the blockchain, a fixed value with $0.001 precision cannot be guaranteed. So Dusty will push the value above $0.024 and as close to it as possible, but this could go up to around $0.030.)

I hope you are happy to have Dusty back

As you probably know, @dustsweeper requires a lot of SP to operate, the more the merrier basically... 😀

In case you didn't know, @dustsweeper has since a few months back a delegation service. Users delegating to @dustsweeper will receive a share of all deposits made to @dustsweeper. Please read more about it here: Invest in Dustsweeper

Want to help Dusty? Please delegate! Please spread the news!

Please consider voting me as a Witness.

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Cool. I’ll need to stock up again.

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Good stuff! 😃
Thanks for dropping a comment

Sorry to hear you've been going through tough times. I hope things continue to improve for you.

thanks for your efforts with Dust Sweeper. 💙

It’s getting better so I’m happy about that.

It’s also a relief Dusty is back, I hope everything will turn out ok and that we can raise some more SP.

I love the news. I am really happy for this :D
I will be delegating sp back to dusty when I get it back :D
Also I read it was 0.3$ the new threshold was, as I wrote on discord, but I might be wrong

Good stuff! 👍

Where did you hear about $0.03 as the threshold?
It hasn’t changed and is still at $0.02.

Some random post on steem who doesn't know what he is talking about, apparently :p
I cant even find the post right now xD
But I am trusting you more than just some random post xD

I have always appreciated Dustsweeper - even if it (maybe) wasn't that efficient. But it is a great way yo help smaller steemians who still feel the loss of every reward that turned to dust. Glad to see it going on!

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The drop in the steem price made, unfortunately, the service less and less effective. Let's see what the future will bring. A higher price and some more SP could do wonders.

Happy to see dustsweeper is still around! :) It would really help if comment voting would be back too some way...

Awesome sauce :D

Let's make rewarding engagement sexy again!

A little sweep here, a bit of fluff there, because every vote should matter.

Let’s vote some dust to have some work lined up for the dust-workers

hehe... one thing's for certain... there's never not enough dust around :P

Great to see it back! For a small community project like ours, it was a huge difference!

Thank you for the encouraging news here @danielsaori! Good to hear that you are feeling better. I hope the grey skies continue to give way to clear skies ahead for you!

Are you also still maintaining your Witness?

I’m still maintaining my witness even though it’s a money drainer atm. Didn’t feel to switch it off just because of the negative roi.
Hopefully we will see a higher steem price soon

Yes sir ...

"Hopefully we will see a higher steem price soon"

... that would certainly nice @danielsaori. But ... At the moment, it is going the other direction ... 😞

If you would please help me, given your expertise on the subject, I still am confused about the "dust vote" amount, after HF 21/22. Does the full upvote amount have to be over $0.02? Or does the 50 / 50 split amount have to be over $0.02, i.e. the full upvote amount has to be over $0.04?

It is the full upvote amount, so what you see when looking at the value on steemit.com etc.

Okay, thank you @danielsaori! Then, this upvote I just gave you should reach you vs. just "poof" and getting burned.

Great job Daniel... you're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the confusion Dave... "I think I will stop. I'm sure I will stop. ok, I stop! Actually, I will not stop..." :)

hahaha... that's funny... but honestly I'm shocked you found a way to make it work... You're the man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back Dusty. Big shout out to @danielsaori & @fraenk for making this happen.

Thank you! May Dustsweeper live for a long time to come

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