Dustsweeper Discord Server and Improved User Stats

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Dustsweeper has now its own Discord server.

The server hosts a Discord bot where you can check individual user stats as well as general Dustsweeper stats. It will also be a place where we can, in addition to the blog, announce important updates and report on ongoing issues.

Join us on Discord! Come and connect with other Dustsweeper users, discuss problems, suggest improvements and ask for help.

Dustsweeper's Discord Link

Screenshot 2018-10-27 at 21.52.22.png

User Statistics

$stats USER
With the $stats command, you can check stats for a specific user. You can check the remaining balance, the total number of votes received and the total amount of dust saved.

Screenshot 2018-10-27 at 21.54.16.png

Dustsweeper Statistics

With the $info command, you can check Dustsweeper stats. This command will return the total amount of Dustsweeper users and the total amount of dust saved.

Screenshot 2018-10-27 at 21.53.12.png

Discord Channels

#help channel
Please try to use this channel exclusively for when you are stuck and need help. It might not be that we are available to answer your question right away but we will always check this channel and help you as soon as we can.

#suggestion channel
If you have suggestions, please drop it in here. It can be anything linked to Dustsweeper, improvements or suggestions of new features etc.

Please come and join us in Dustsweeper’s own Discord server.

Dustsweeper's Discord Link

Stats in transfer memos

We have also improved the transfer memos.
We understand there are users not interested in Discord, so we have at the same time updated the transfer memos. The following changes have been implemented:

  • Whenever you top-up your balance the returned memo will include your user stats.
  • 0.001 transfers are now accepted from Dustsweeper users. Send 0.001 with any memo and the bot will return your user stats.

The new stats returned will look something like this:

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 13.13.47.png

Thank you for reading and we wish you a great week!

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Dustsweeper is an initiative supported by Witness @danielsaori. @danielsaori is also one of the co-founders, together with @davemccoy. Their shared vision is to help newcomers grow and prosper in the STEEM universe.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference. @dustsweeper is trying to prevent that potential disappointment by helping protect those tiny profits.

Do you like Dusty? Please give a Witness Vote to @danielsaori

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Please leave a reply and I will upvote with my full power, love the services!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you for loving this service! :)

It is so great now we must resteem for all users who have problems with payout for their good content.

Thank you for this! Dustsweeper is a GREAT idea!

Awesome @danielsaori... You do unbelievable work on everything you do! This is no exception :) ... thank you from all of us!!!

Looking good so far! No bot crashes... 😉

I am still loving Dusy! This will make it even better. Thanks for everthing you do to make the platform easier for us all.

Thank you for loving Dusty! And congrats on being the first Discord user.

Thank you @danielsaori! & @dustsweeper! 💨
How cool STATS!! I really like stats! :-)
Awesome graphics @charisma777!
Dust be gone, love how nice and clean @dustsweeper is!
Thank you ❤ for all you do to help folks here!

Thank you, Shasta.
And I totally agree that it's an awesome job by @charisma777.

I like your avatar! :) Very nice moose.

I am glad I found this service. I wouldn't be able to earn anything without you. because the people who do up me, their SP is too weak.

Keep on working hard and hopefully you will get some more support. Try out different things and see how it works out. I'm happy Dusty can help you out, otherwise, I can imagine how it would be to see those sub 0.02 values just vanish...

I have tried everything, my posts just don't seem to reach people. Maybe that down vote troll light shadowbanned my account.

It's tough, I know. You really need to focus on quality before quantity.
Don't worry about old flags, as long as you produce unique content that will be much more important.
Browse the trending categories and exclude all bot inflated posts, then look for patterns that you can easily copy and use in your own post.

All the best!

I have thought of that, most of the trending topics are things I have no expertise in like Bitcoin. I have even tried posting some funny memes and those go unnoticed. I joined Steemit due to unemployment so I can have a little money. I was making more when I first joined. Then the people who had enough SP to upvote me vanished.

@danielsaori, Dustsweeper is awesome, he clean a lot of my dust which mean a lot to me. Now with the stat status, I easily can check my current status. Have gave you my vote as well for such a terrific job.

Happy to hear that!
Thanks for the vote! Steem-on Buddy!!

I love dusy. I have made so much uploads without payout. Now I am happy and I will share this great service.

@danielsaori I want to know:

  1. Is this service still active?
  2. What should I send for enrollment-Steem or SBD?
  3. What is the minimum amount to be sent to @dustsweeper?
  4. What is the cost of a single vote from @dustsweeeper?

Hi akdx,

Please find some short answers below.

1 - yes, it is definitely active.
2 - both steem and sbd is fine
3 - It would be the amount needed for 1 vote. It fluctuates depending on steem/sbd prices, but roughly 0.15SBD would be the absolute minimum.
4 - the cost and profit of the dustsweeper vote itself are meant to be 0. If you transfer $1, you will receive that
back by the value of the votes. Your only profit will be the outstanding votes that would have become worthless unless upvoted above $0.02.

Please let me know if you need some further clarification.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference.

This is why I love @dustsweeper. All new Steemians should get to know this initiative!

I would love that!

We only need to make sure to get some more SP. Even with 20K it is not even close to being enough to cover all the demand.

How much SP do you think is needed to allow it to be sustainable?

Posted using Partiko Android

It is difficult as demand is always fluctuating. The weeks after the hard fork we had more than enough SP. But now activity has picked up again and we probably need around 30K at least.

Have struggled to get some delegation deals on minnowbooster but last week we at least closed 2K in new delegations.

We will soon release a new model where users can freely delegate to Dusty and receive a profit.

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