no, unfortunately, those aren't going to be cleaned up, share that vote with another and dusty will happily clean up for you!!

How do I share the vote with another?

By having someone like me come along and add my vote to yours so that it's not a lonely self-vote :) It should now get cleaned up if you've joined the @dustsweeper initiative :)

So how do we go about it?
Let us do it

It's done. I upvoted your original comment, and since you already joined dustsweeper, you will get another vote in a day or so to push you above the dust threshold and make sure the value isn't lost.

So, this doesn't appear to have worked... @bafspotlight got 2 upvotes in his original post here, but there was still $0 payout. Am i missing something?

Not sure why it missed that comment (it occasionally misses one of mine too) but I can see dustsweeper votes on other comments that @bafspotlight has made

well, i just signed up. I have a bunch of friends who are < .01 vote value (as is my vote value)... if i can boost their upvotes to actually count I will consider this a win. (even though i don't actually benefit from it). I suppose if i can convince a few of my friends to do the same, we will all benefit :)

Thanks friend
I really appreciate this.

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