A new look and some serious notes on dusting responsibly.

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dustbunny new less filthy body image by @fraenk

Less filth, more fluff!

Look at the new me... so much less yucky!

Apparently my original body, born and raised under my maker's couch, started loosing consistency. He also thinks my previous, hairy self might have been a tiny bit to gross for mass-appeal. So he made a brand new me!

Yes, @fraenk might be a qualified googlyeyes-surgeon, but doing full-body-transplants was something new for him, too. As time goes on he'll probably get better at it. These fluffy manifestations of myself just aren't the most durable and I'll probably again look completely different the next time we meet.

Good for me that I actually live in the virtual realm, here on this blockchain, and I don't really have to care about the difficulties of maintaining my physical composure. That's entirely @fraenk's job.

Looking neat on Discord, too.

Actually, @fraenk also helps me with looking presentable everywhere else, too, such as on the new discord. My live-updates in the #bunny-log channel, as well as my quota-reports in the #bunny-interface channel there, look super fancy now:

screenshots of the bunny discord log and interface channels

As you can see it marked red above, it does happen that I don't have sufficient voting power to fluff up everything and some tasks will time out. Users that have accumulated high usage quotas will start to see some of their dust being lost before I can get to it.

Keep an eye on that (hint: you can also search for your username in that channel on discord, too) and if you're timing out a lot, you may want to consider a small delegation for a priority-bonus to offset your usage-quota.

Voting Responsibly

My self-proclaimed mission is to bring value back to comment-engagement. Especially in these days where you need almost 500SP just to beat the dust-limit with your own vote. I wish to sustain a growth opportunity for genuine plankton and red-fish users and help minnows or even dolphins spread their votes further, so that we can all have a rewarding experience on this platform together.

I offer my services free-of-charge and unconditionally and I rely on voluntary delegations by my users and especially on those generous big donors who believe in this mission. I want to use the power that was lent to me responsibly, and so I also have to request users on my watch-list to use their own dust-votes responsibly.

Rejections and Suspensions

Not everything in bunnyland is always fluffy. I've already talked about "Dust from the Dark Side" before, but that was something that's out of the control of my dusty friends themselves and more of a general precaution I have to take. Now, during the last days, I finally had to deal with some issues that are more directly related to my friends.

First I had to reject a sign-up-request by an obvious multi-account farmer, then I had to suspend a user from my watch-list for intentionally and repeatedly giving minuscule dust-votes to another user's comments, mostly in threads where they themselves had no engagement at all.

I am dedicated to help with real engagement but I won't be willing to support any attempts to squeeze pennies out of everything and nothing. I won't call out any names here and I will not jump to call this intentional abuse, but it's certainly at least careless misuse of my service and it unfortunately must result in a permanent termination of the user's dust protection.

Of course, it's again @fraenk who had to do the dirty work, delivering the bad news. Here's what that looks like:

conversation concerning potential misuse of the dustbunny service


divider image by @katerinaramm


My service is Free!

Are you a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some appreciation to the best comments on your posts? You refrain from expressing yourself through your votes because you're afraid to see them wasted as dust? I'm here to help you!

Maybe you're the one leaving those great comments and you do receive a dusty vote from a well meaning user, just to risk seeing it evaporate on payday. I'll take care of that, too!

Or maybe you're a small engaged minnow and sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and wide to stay above the dust requirements... don't stop, that's awesome! Let me try and help you a bit!

Apply to get on my watch-list by commenting here or apply via discord.

I do reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting, but any genuine user is more than welcome here.

If you have a little SP to spare, please also consider giving a small delegation. If each of us can give a little, together we can achieve something great. And you wouldn't just want to freeload on the generosity of others forever, or would you?!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

If you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support which aims to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


divider image by @katerinaramm



They are the ones making this possible.

@suesa500 SP
@fraenk250 SP
@fbslo, @ericet, @freebornangel100 SP
@abh12345, @bengy, @brandt, @dickturpin, @felt.buzz, @katerinaramm, @marty-art50 SP
@bashadow, @elizacheng, @insaneworks, @zekepickleman20-25 SP
@ackhoo, @anthonyadavisii, @bjornb, @blacklux, @ewkaw, @for91days, @jpederson96, @professorbromide, @teamcn-shop, @wadera10-15 SP
@bucipuci, @davidke20, @hockney, @orkin420, @sparkesy43, @themanwithnoname<10 SP

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust



P.S.: A special thank-you to @katerinaramm for sending in this cool dust-ruler and the clean footer layout you see here today!

divider image by @katerinaramm

Who Am I, What is Dust and Why am I here? | Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!

well, @fraenk messed up there, this post is 50/50, but that won't change how rewards are used...



yeah... dustbunny's you're new best friend I guess :D


It looks more fluffy now! You even managed to make a cute smile! 😀

heh... yeah... unfortunately that particular version of the bunny fell apart shortly after... :(

dust is a delicate material to work with :P

Don't worry, no matter how much we clean we always find dust. So you will always going to have a new type of Dusty hehe... 50 shades of dustybunny 😅

Dustbunny has leveled up! I can see future iterations of Dustbunny now... will he turn to a real bunny like the velveteen rabbit? Will he upgrade to a mech bunny body? Time will tell, cute bunny...

a mech-bunny... lol... that's not a bad idea!

Go, dustbunny, go! Thanks for the vote! :D

Hey @nateonsteemit... how nice of you to come by and say "Thank You".

I've added you to the watch-list to make sure the two of you can meet again ;)

Sweet! Stopped by like I do with most new folks upvoting my stuff. A lot lately are folks that don't post, but I was glad to see you do.

Thank you for your great work fluffing up... atchoo! ...the dust. And I think @fraenk did a great job in grooming you, although you were perfect before too. :)

Here's to all the Dark Side dusters!

dang... that's a fat doobie!

OH! I should have added the The Parental Advisory label!
Quick Dustbunny, close your eyes!

Fraenk, I hope you have had THE conversations with Dustbunny. I mean those: not for children, adults only things to do. Like eating candy before meal. And stuff.

Thanks so much @fraenk for your hard work on wipping the dust of cool steemians out there. I don't like to free flattering but I'm always trying to be honest ( as in real life ). I can see your spirit and it likes me.
Soon I'll be delegating more to you cute new-body @dustbunny.
Thanks so much for your support.

Hey @drakernoise, thanks a lot for the support!

I've added you to the watch-list early on because I always felt you were a genuinely engaging steemian, just from seeing your comments here and there. I'm pleased to see you come back to this and give back your support!

Thanks for your kind words and support @fraenk, I only try to help as much as I can optimizing my persistent lack of time and resources.
You are the real hero around here and people like you Who really make this project interesting.
I'm not flattering, don't like It. These are real words expressing real feelings.

It's great!

thanks I guess...

I've added you to the watchlist, but please use it wisely ;)

I successfully delegated 5SP to this adorable @dustbunny,Thank you dustbunny。

thanks for the support, I've added you to the watch-list just now :D

Ooooh, this is like a sign
I have been meaning to get on board but just don't understand it completely
So what does this mean? How do I get on board? Is there a fee?

But the way, DustBunny is looking very very cute but then again, GooglyEyes can make anyone cute eh?
And let's not forget its make artist @fraenk comes highly recommended :D

hey @kaerpediem :D

No, there's no fee! And you've been on board for a while now ;) I added a whole bunch from the googly family to the watch-list early on.

The bunny appreciates getting delegations to help with fluffing up even more dust, though, and you'd get a bit of a priority bonus for it, too.

No wonder he kept popping up
And I was trying to figure out who had sent him
Thank you thank you so much @fraenk
What a pleasant surprise <3

Aaawwwww... @dustbunny, you are soooo cuteeeee!
Thank you again for all the hardwork that you do! I see you appear in my notifications all the time and I am so grateful to have you in my Steemit life :) Thank you @fraenk for giving life to @dustbunny and thank you to all @dustbunny's supporters! 😘

Interesting, I would like to sign up. I do self upvote some but mainly just my posts that reach well over the dust threshold anyways so it shouldn't affect your services.

How do we know if we were accepted ?

No worries, your self-voting quota is well below 10%, so not even worth mentioning, and as you've already deducted, the way you apply them it won't interfere with the bunny's ethics at all ;) Your comment history looks highly engaged, too... so you've passed all checks in a jiffy.

You'll know you're on the list when the bunny starts "following" you, which should have happened a moment ago. ;)

Awesome, thanks.

I want to delegate 10 SP to @dustbunny

Hmm never worked ... lets try again.

I want to delegate 10 sp to @dustbunny

@tipu must be down for maintenance. I will try again later.

That would make allot of sense to do .... LOL !

Done .................. :)

Awesome :D Thanks for the support! You'll also get that little extra priority for it ;)

Hi @rentmoney! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 10.0 SP delegation to @dustbunny.

Hi @rentmoney! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 10.0 SP delegation to @dustbunny.

dustbunny 2.0 hehe... looking hella refurbished :)

insert southpark joke

You’ve charmed me, so I delegated a little. Congrats on your make over, even though I didn’t think your previous self was too gross for mass appeal. We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts...🤣

But however you maintain your dusty form so it’s not blown away, I am sure you’ll still be appreciated for the good you’re sharing. Good luck and may the dust pile up and turn to gold!

P.S. I’m not sure with my VP being so low, how this affects my delegation. If I need to recharge and then redelegate, then let me know.

Hey @linnyplant, thanks a lot for the support and the encouraging words! :D

Your delegation came through just fine and I've applied a decent priority-bonus to your account already.

Aww, you really don’t need to prioritize me. I just wanted to support your creatures in some way. Take care!

Heh, that's sweet of you :D

It's just how the bunny works, supporting buddies on it's watch-list get treated with a higher priority. You can "share" your priority bonus with someone else if you want, just let me know who.

I'll make "priority-bonus-sharing" available via the discord interface in the near future, too, so you won't always have to go through me with that.

You can give all of my share to @supersoju — thanks!

Aiya, why did you do that silly. You should use it on your account. That's ok, I'll be your dust bunny then.

Compared to the generous and consistent upvotes that you’ve given me since we’ve met, this is nothing. I thought with you not posting much and just catching up via comments, this service might help a little. Dust bunny is less intrusive than dust sweeper and much cuter to see in your feed. :)

I don’t need you to be a dust bunny for me, you already do so much! You’d best not attempt to be a dust bunny hack/wannabe and start upvoting my comments to save the dust! The real dust bunny might come after you for copyright infringement, and Soju won’t be impressed you’re using her account to impersonate a rabbit. It’ll be one of those “Stop embarrassing me, Mum!” moments. You might find yourself the topic of another frustrated email...😂😛

consider it done :D

@dustbanny along with @fraenk do a great job. Thank you guys for her :-D

You are looking really good there @dustbunny!
Interesting about a full body transplant!! :-)
Thank you very much for spreading the
fluffy around!! ❤

Thanks for the ❤

Woohoo, I successfully delegated 100SP to this adorable @dustbunny

I am here through a post made by @marblely and would love to be added to your list.

Hey @gmatthe2, that's awesome, sure, I've added you.

I also registered your small delegation, thanks a lot! You'll receive a bit of a priority bonus for that, too!

I am not sure how I managed to receive the gift of your visits, but seeing you pop by with your magical dust busting votes is lovely! ☺️

tbh... I'm not sure either... I added you to the watch-list quite early on, I was scouting randomly for genuine looking and engaged accounts... I probably just saw you making a nice comment somewhere?!

Glad you're enjoying it :D

I feel like your profile photo matches perfectly with your reply. Sort of confused and happy. 😄 Thanks again for your visits!

OMG you brushed the bunny!

lol... that's a nice way to put it.

I can send you some cat fur if you need supplies :P

You love has been much appreciated the past couple of weeks - thank you bunny

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